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Friday, August 01, 2008

Barack Obama's Florida Hecklers

The Barack Obama campaign cannot accuse the people that heckled him at a during a town hall gathering in St. Petersburg,Florida, of being racist because they were six black members of the International Peoples' Democratic Uhuru Movement which is an international African socialist group.

After handing their banner over to a an Obama staffer, they started heckling him again with Obama supporters trying to drown them out.

According to Top of the Ticket, in an update, Diop Olugbala, 31 (the man that was allowed to ask the question in the video above), he says about Obama in an interview, "He falls short with the black community."

The chair of the organization is Omali Yeshitela, who created a YouTube video which denounces Obama in video called "white power in black face."

For a party of proclaiming such "unity" it seems that the Obama and the Democrats are having trouble actually uniting.

From a large number of Hillary Clinton supporters, to this group which is made up of blacks, it seems that no one portion of the party is unified.

I give it to this group though because while possibly being misinformed about certain topics, they had the courage to stand up publicly and speak out.

Compare that with Jesse Jackson who "privately" but with an open mike, said he would like to cut Obama's nuts off, yet publicly stood in support of him, this group is at least being honest, publicly, about their concerns.

A quick note: Hecklers are rude. Period, no matter who they are heckling.