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Monday, August 25, 2008

VOTER ALERT - WATCH DENVER... What Congress is Doing

The title is from a video sent to me from an email subscriber to Wake up America.... the video was uploaded to YouTube by someone called WAMwakeupamerica (Disclaimer- no relation to this blog or any writer/contributer to this blog.)

It is a 3 minute and 42 second video which shows what states Hillary Clinton won during the primaries, money the makers of the video allege was donated by PAC's for Obama and how despite the fact the Clinton won those states, the delegates and superdelegates of those states pledged their delegate/superdeelgate vote to Barack Obama instead of Clinton. They have put together the list of names, shown in the video.

Just thought it might interest the readers given the disunity already being reported on at the Democratic Convention on the first day.

Clinton supporters are not going away and the amount of them preparing to vote and/or support John McCain is growing.

[Update] The Moderate Voice has a post which relates to what the makers of this video are trying to say:

The latest estimate is that Senator Clinton has 1886 delegates and would need a switch of 231 (or about 5%) of the delegates to switch to her. This seems an unlikely scenario but the delegates in question are the super delegates, not the ones who are committed via the delegate primary system.

Bower stated that he “thinks that some super delegates were paid off to support Obama because of the money given to them by his campaign. Some super delegates voted against the overwhelming wishes of the voters of their state. For instance, Senator Byrd supported Obama even though Senator Clinton won his state by forty points because of the money he received from” Bower has a point here because Obama has given three times as much money to super delegates than Clinton, and shows that Byrd has received more that $88,000 from MoveOn political action.

Finally, Bower brought up an interesting point of Clinton’s situation in Denver that has a historical precedent - the Chicago convention of 1932. FDR was running for his first term and had won 11 out of 13 primary contests. However, he was not the favored candidate of the business establishment or the Democrat Party. Bower states, “Like FDR in 1932, Senator Clinton has the will of the Democratic voters behind her. It took four roll call votes for FDR to beat the party machine. We are here to make sure that Senator Clinton has a fair vote.”

Whether people agree or disagree on whether Obama should have won the position of Democratic nominee, one has to see that Clinton supporters have a point here.