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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Stars Seem To Be Aligning Against Barack Obama

The Politico brings the results from the NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll:

July's NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll found that three in four Americans believe McCain can "handle" the role of commander in chief, while only 19 percent said he "cannot," compared to a 50 percent to 42 percent split for Obama.

When asked which party is more capable of "dealing with the war on terrorism," 40 percent of respondents to the latest NBC/WSJ poll said Republican while 29 percent said Democrat. The parties had been effectively tied as recently as January of this year, and the 11-percentage-point gap is the largest since 2004, the last year these numbers shifted so dramatically and, not coincidentally, the last presidential election year.

No big surprise that the Republican presumptive nominee has the lead on national security issues, but the gap he has opened against Obama is large and recent events involving Russia-Georgia will highlight McCain's experience and the public's trust in him, even more.

Furthermore it seems the stars are aligning against Barack Obama in other areas.

His spectacular failure at the Saddleback Church as well as McCain's showing how better prepared he is, is working against Obama.

Obama's campaign also busted on Obama's support for infanticide is not going to help him either. He is being nailed on all sides of that issue.

Hillary Clinton supporters, 18 percent of them, say they will vote for John McCain and Lady de Rothschild, one of Britain’s most influential political hostesses, speaks out against Obama publicly again.

Gallup shows that all this negative news about Obama, with other events, he has lost the small lead he once had over John McCain.

Gallup Poll Daily tracking for Aug. 14-16 finds John McCain and Barack Obama tied at 45% in the latest presidential election trial heat.

The race has tightened over the past several days with Obama's modest advantage over McCain disappearing. (To view the complete trend since March 7, 2008, click here.) Registered voters' preferences appear quite stable at the moment -- in the last five individual days of Gallup tracking polling, the candidates have been closely matched with neither candidate holding more than a two percentage point advantage on any day.

McCain has also pulled even in Ohio.

To be hemorrhaging this way, this close to the Democratic convention, does not bode well for Obama nor the Democrats.

To top it off, I just received an email showing that the National Black Republican Association wants to place 50 billboards all over the City of Denver, while the Democratic Party is having their national convention there.

This is a campaign like no other. With your help, we will put up 50 - that's right - 50 "Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican" billboards all over the City of Denver, while the Democratic Party is having their national convention there.

What a way to upset the "coronation" of the Democratic Party's "messianic" presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama. Arrogant is the word for Obama, a far left-winger, who is attempting to assume the mantle of Dr. King by giving his political acceptance speech on the anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" inspirational civil rights speech. History shows that Dr. King was a minister who embraced the traditional values that made our country great. Obama has the most liberal voting record in the US Senate. Obama is no MLK.

The stars are aligning and it looks like they are starting to favor John McCain....nothing like waiting for the last minute to make things interesting huh?

[Update] More stars aligning against Obama: Pro-Troop Demonstration brings Iraq / Afghanistan Vets and Military Families to Denver