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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Denver Moves Inmates To Make Room For Protesters Arrested At Democratic Convention

It is being called a "contingency plan," just in case there is a need for any mass arrests while the city of Denver hosts the DNCC as well as hosting those planning to protest at the convention. Inmates are being moved to make room in the jails of Denver.
Denver is making preparations for next week when they will host the Democratic National Convention and the hoopla expected to accompany the event, including a "contingency plan," in case any mass arrests become necessary, according to CBS4Denver.

Approximately 100 inmates are being shipped out to other facilities to make room.

These preparations include a tent that is being set up at the Denver County Jail which will have the ability to house 50 additional inmates and preparing the gym which will allow room for another 50 or 75 beds they call "boats".

Other preparations include a warehouse that has been set up as a processing center for people arrested during the four-day convention.

According to the Undersheriff, Bill Lovingier, "If people become aggressive, violent and hostile, these are people we would remove from the cell and move to the city jail."

Signs warn that electric stun devices are used in the facility, but the barbed wire at the facility a week ago is now gone. The cage-like cells will have roofs made of chain link wire.

"Actually I think this will much more comfortable than the downtown city jail if anyone has to end up there," community member Joe Mauro said.

Reporters were shown, booking, medical and telephone facilities for the prisoners.

Authorities say they are not expecting mass arrests, but they wish to be prepared in case things get out of control and it becomes necessary.

The tents being prepared are more comfortable than the jailhouse itself and as CBS4 reports, the last time they were utilized, the inmates "practically begged to be moved there."

Mayor John Hickenlooper's office issues a press release, shown at CBS4Denver, which explained the purpose of the holding facility.

In the release he states that while the City and County of Denver is not anticipating the need for widespread arrests, they are obligated to prepare for that scenario given the fact that some organizations intend to deliberately get arrested.

Hickenlooper also states that water, bathrooms, phones and medical staff will be available in the air-conditioned processing center.

Funny, we aren't seeing this type of chaos expected for the Republican convention.

Says a lot.