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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Does Security Detail Tip Off Media Again Regarding Mitt Romney Choice For McCain?-- Updated and Bumped to Top

[Updates] It is looking like Romney might just be the choice. See below.

As they did last week when Obama chose Joe Biden as his vice presidential choice of running mate, the media is full of stories today about the possibilities and speculation of John McCain's choice. Does news of security details again blow the secret?
John McCain vice presidential watch has evidently already begun for the media and stories are coming out speculating over who the choice would be, what the ramifications of certain choices will be, new political tricks that will be implemented and the possibility of fireworks at the Republican Convention next week.

With the media saying McCain has chosen his pick to be announced on Friday and John McCain playing coy and refuting that assertion and news of a special first-of-it's-kind type of ad prepared with John McCain speaking directly into the camera and issuing a messages expected to be aimed at Barack Obama, to be viewed tonight during the media coverage of Obama's acceptance speech, being announced, a few other stories are floating around the web.

The latest one, from Roll Call, says that sources tell them of some type of security sweep having been performed at Mitt Romney's sister's house by the Secret Service, which is leading to more speculation about whether Mitt Romney is the person who will be announced as John McCain's vice presidential running mate.

Other sources caution it is possible a security sweep would be performed if Romney were not the pick but would be appearing as some sort of surrogate at an event and a McCain campaign stop in Michigan.

Even more sources suggest to Roll Call that Romney has had a new security detail for the last few days, without word on whether the detail was from Secret Service or some other security service.

Via The Politico, it is being reported that John McCain has a new ad, with him speaking directly into the camera, which will be shown during the coverage tonight of Obama's acceptance speech.

Tonight, John McCain will talk directly to his opponent in a television ad his campaign is airing in battleground states, around the time Barack Obama accepts the presidential nomination, McCain's campaign said.

Aides would give few details beyond the fact that McCain will speak directly to the camera, addressing Obama.

Drudge Report suggests that word will leak about McCain's Veep choice, to the media at approximate six p.m. with news outlets receiving "some sort" of confirmation by eight p.m, with Obama scheduled to speak between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m at Invesco Field in Denver. The New York Times and The Politico reports that Democratic officials are concerned about Obama's speech in that type of venue will reinforce McCain's ad messages which compare Obama to a "celebrity".

According to McCain campaign communications director Jill Hazelbaker in an appearance on MSNBC, describes the McCain ad as "an historic ad," saying, "I think this is the first of its kind." She goes on to state, "Sen. McCain is going to have an ad that's going to air in battleground states around the time that Sen. Obama is speaking tonight. He's going to be talking directly to his opponent. So, I'm going to leave it there. But it's going be very exciting. I think that a lot of people are going to focus on it."

This has, of course, fueled speculation about whether McCain will announce his vice presidential pick during that ad that will be airing while Obama gives his speech, with some even taking the guessing game to a new level by suggesting that McCain may surprise everyone and announce a female Veep pick.

Last but not least in this segment of the McCain Veep Watch, is the potential for fireworks at the Republican Convention next week if John McCain should pick a a pro-choice candidate, such as Joseph Lieberman or Tom Ridge, with diehard conservatives threatening to cause a floor fight, which is reported on by ABC News.

For political junkies, bloggers and writers, this would a goldmine of writing material, but for the Republican Party itself, it would be a nightmare.

[Update] Fox News just reported that spokesman for McCain, Rick Davis, has just confirmed for them that John McCain has made his final choice on his vice presidential running mate selection.

For some the "McCain Veep Watch," just became a Secret Service and "who is flying to Dayton" for tomorrows announcement watch.

[Update] Pawlenty has been reported by LA Times Top of the Ticket, to have cleared his schedule for today and tomorrow, further adding speculation into the mix that perhaps he was chosen instead of Romney.

Fox News has confirmed that Pawlenty has not canceled his weekly radio show to be conducted from Minneapolis on Friday.

Fox News is also reporting, via television, that unconfirmed reports say that Romney was seen leaving leaving San Diego with a bag and perhaps guarded by Secret Service.

Additional Note- It is also possible that Romney hired his own security as some sort of red herring after having seen how that type of news news tipped reporters off last week about the Obama choice.