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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Florida Man Reacts Badly To Michelle Obama's Speech, Leads to Standoff With Police

Is it a full moon or what?

After Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic Convention last night, evidently one person in Pasco County Florida was extremely displeased. His negative reaction led to a six-hour standoff with police.
The Pasco County Sheriff's department was called to the scene after a man stood outside his recreational vehicle (RV) and fired his gun into the air, according to Tampa

When deputies arrived, the man ran into RV where he locked himself in and away from authorities for six-hours, even after SWAT teams arrived and fired riot gas into the home, which did not bring the man out.

The Sheriff's Office spokesman Kevin Doll did not release the identity of the man who finally exited his vehicle approximately at 5 am this morning, but Doll did say the cause of the man's "displeasure" was the speech given last night by Michelle Obama.

Doll concludes by telling reporters that the man will be undergoing psychological evaluation.

The crazies are really coming out now... word also is that moonbat protesters attacked Michelle Malkin yesterday as well.

Unacceptable behavior from people that belong in a mental hospital and/or jail.