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Monday, August 25, 2008

Colorado Police Investigate Possible Assassination Plot Against Barack Obama

[Update] Part #2 here, four arrested now and it was a plot to kill Obama.

Authorities have arrested two men in Colorado and have scheduled a press conference for Tuesday at 4 pm, to speak about reports of a possible assassination plot against Barack Obama
The man arrested has been identified as Tharin Gartrell and the charges against him are for weapons and drugs, no charges have been filed regarding any alleged plot to kill Barack Obama.

Yet, multiple media organizations, including CBS4 News, have been told by sources close to the investigation that authorities are delving into a possible assassination plot to kill Barack Obama.

Gartrell was caught during a routine traffic stop where Aurora police found two rifles, one of which was described as a "sniper rifle" and methamphetamine in the man's pickup truck. Information led the police to the Cherry Creek Hotel, located at 600 South Colorado Blvd in Glendale and when they knocked on the door, a second man jumped out of a sixth floor window, landed on an awning and unsuccessfully attempted to run from the scene with a broken ankle from the fall.

The Secret Service, ATF and the FBI are all involved in the investigation and the Secret Service have expressed their concern over the close proximity to the Democratic National Convention.

According to another CBS4 article, the Aurora Police Department will not release any reports regarding this event, at the request of federal authorities.

The scheduled a news conference was reported by The Denver Post.

Rocky Mountain News alleges that two handguns were confiscated along with the two rifles.