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Monday, August 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton: 'I Did Not Aprove This Message'

The Republican National Committee issues another ad, using Hillary Clinton's statement about Barack Obama's lack of experience.

The video, found here and shown below, starts with the narrator asking, "Who has the experience to govern our nation?"

Then it cuts to Hillary Clinton saying "Senator McCain would bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign, I would bring a lifetime of experience and Senator Obama will bring a speech he gave in 2002."

The narrator continues then to say, "Barack Obama, he gives a great speech, but now Americans must ask ourselves, should we elect the most inexperienced presidential candidate of out times, or was she right?"

They end with a picture of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton said it, meant it, repeated it, but now that she has suspended her campaign, she says she, via Hot Air, does not approve the message.

The Daily News provides the relevant quote:

"And let me state what I think of those ads: I'm Hillary Clinton, and I do not approve that message."

Most Hillary Clinton supporters understand that Clinton is doing and saying what she is obligated to do and say for the good of the party, but it does not lessen the truth of her previously spoken words regarding the lack of experience on the part of Barack Obama.

More on the roll call vote that will be taken at the convention, showing it is nothing more than a formality to be done to "appease" Clinton supporters before crowning Obama the official status of nominee for the party.

Democratic officials involved in the negotiations said Monday the idea is that at the start of the state-by-state vote for the presidential nomination Wednesday night, delegates would cast their votes for Clinton or Obama.

But the voting would be cut off after a couple of states, the officials said, perhaps ending with New York, when Clinton herself would call for unanimous backing for Obama from the convention floor. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity while the deal was being finalized.

In the meantime, via The Politico, Clinton is not offering guidance to her delegate supporters about who they should be voting for during the roll call vote.

"I will be telling my delegates that I will vote for Barack Obama," she said. "How they vote is a more personal decision. They want to have their chance to vote for me. That is what traditionally happens ... some people are having to make up their minds because there are arguments pulling them both ways."

How many truly believe that after the very rough start of the convention, reported on this morning, that unity is something they will achieve with Clinton supporters by the end of the convention?

Those that do .... I have a bridge in Brooklyn I am selling......any takers?