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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blast From The Past: Joe Biden On Experience In The White House in 1988

Hat Tip to Sister Toldjah for the video of Joe Biden's presidential ad from 1988 where he speaks about how necessary "experience" is to being president.

Link to video above found here.

Text, via The Swamp:

"The White House isn't a place to learn how to deal with international crisis, the balance of power... the economic future of the next generation,'' the narrator of Biden's 1988 ad for the Democratic nomination said. "The president has got to know the territory.''

"Joe Biden sees the presidency as a pulpit from which America sets an example for the world,'' the ad's narrator said 20 years ago. "He believes that developing nations once saw America as more than a place. They saw us as a kind of people.

"They've lost confidence in us,'' the narrator said, with words from the Biden campaign of 1988 that could fit somewhat more smoothly into any Obama-Biden campaign of 2008. "They see us losing our way, our resovle... Joe Biden thinks it's time to remind the world of what America stands for, freedom, equality, justice...''

Evidently The Politico dug that old ad up.

PowerLine says "Happiness is a thing called Joe".


Expect the video above to be used along with the video I posted this morning from John McCain's campaign, reminding people what Biden said about Obama just a few months ago.

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