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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

John McCain 'Gallups' Ahead of Barack Obama

Sorry, I just couldn't resist the play on words, but the news is that according to Gallup, not only did Barack Obama receive no "Biden Bounce" but John McCain has actually taken a two point lead over Barack Obama.

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Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Aug. 23-25, the first three-day period falling entirely after Obama's Saturday morning vice presidential announcement, shows 46% of national registered voters backing John McCain and 44% supporting Obama, not appreciably different from the previous week's standing for both candidates. This is the first time since Obama clinched the nomination in early June, though, that McCain has held any kind of advantage over Obama in Gallup Poll Daily tracking.

This is the problem with peaking in too early as Barack Obama did, there is only one place to go then and that is down.

Obama did not receive the expected "bounce" after Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign. Obama lost the 3 point "bounce" he received after his highly touted overseas trip, and it was lost within days, and now McCain is showing a slight lead as he prepares to announce his vice president on Friday (or so reports say) and heading into the Republican Convention next week.

No wonder the Democrats are tense, they see an election that they should have trounced Republicans in, slipping through their incompetent fingers as they have made mistake after mistake, alienating millions of voters and to top it off, Obama angers those same voters further just 3 days before the convention starts.

It is almost like they are all trying to hand this election to McCain.

Now John McCain just has to pick a running mate that will not divide the party, making sure not to make the same type of mistakes that Obama made and we should see his "bounce" go far higher that Obama's will because the Republican convention should be far less chaotic... you know, the business about the tension between Obama supporters and Hillary supporters, Ted Kennedy stealing the spotlight from Michelle Obama, assassination plots being reported and massive protests, parades and rallies held outside the Convention doors.