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Friday, August 01, 2008

Hillary Clinton Not To Be Nominated At Democratic Convention

[Update below] Video emailed to me showing Hillary addressing this topic and she tells supporters than no decisions have been made, despite the report below.

Hillary Clinton will not be filing a request to have her name nominated at the Democratic National Convention even though her supporters are still circulating petitions.

Her strong supporters may vote for her anyway but she will not be signing a request to have her name added.

"She is not going to submit the signed request," the insider told the Daily News. "People are still circulating petitions on her behalf, but this is a done deal."

Party rules stipulate that Clinton must ask in writing to be nominated herself and also submit a petition signed by 300 to 600 delegates. Without her signed request, petitions of support are meaningless.

Sources have told the Daily News that Clinton may also release her delegates to Barack Obama during her speech on the convention floor.

"Depending on the dynamics, hundreds of delegates might decide to demonstrate their support and affection," a Clinton source speculated.

If so, that could be read as a dis to Obama from female Democrats still bruised by Clinton's defeat and resisting her pleas for party unity.

Perhaps this is meant as a way to close out the one hope that Clinton supporters have kept alive during this process and no one is clear if they will "fall in line" now or if they mean what they say when they claim they will never vote for Barack Obama because they feel he is too inexperienced and does not represent them.

[Update] From a PUMA emailing, we have a video of Hillary Clinton speaking about the nomination,k saying that no decisions have been made about whether there will be a roll call at the convention.