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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Biden who?????????

Confession time: Until this week I had never heard of Biden. 'Tis true, and my only excuse is that this foreigner only started paying very close attention to the American political landscape in the last few years..As the msm pundits do their usual half-arsed jobs of analysis and reporting of the presumptive (presumptuous? lol) annointed one and his VP choice, some Americans have been paying attention.

CJ is one such American. I am sure you know that CJ is active duty US Army and, for me, that means when he talks, I listen. Today, CJ sent out a piece he has written about Biden. CJ uses Biden's OWN words to foretell America's future if BO (+ MO) and Biden take over the White House.

It should, of course, be required reading for all:

Exclusive: Obama VP's New World Order Aspirations

August 26th, 2008 by CJ

Everyone (except Hillary Clinton's supporters) seems to be pleased with the choice of Senator Joseph Biden as Senator Barack Obama's choice of VP. There's a lot of attention on Biden's negative comments about Obama and positive comments towards McCain, but that's really semantics. The real issue that everyone should be focusing on isn't even in the press yet. And I doubt they'll even investigate or publicize this if they knew anyway. Prepare for something you'll only find on ASP.

Barack Obama has claimed multiple times Saddam "illegally used American aid to buy arms", "slaughter[ed]…his own Kurdish citizens", and used American intelligence to aid in his invasion into Kuwait. That's not even the most damning of Biden's own claims. He bodly proclaimed, "Saddam provided safe haven for the world's most infamous terrorists." WHAT!?!?! I thought this war was NOTHING about terrorism! But, that's not all. Biden also stated that Saddam had a "manifest quest for chemical and nuclear weapons."

I know what the liberal robots are saying: Bush misled him. Interestingly, Biden has been making this case since 1992!! As a matter of fact, Biden published a 56 page "vision" in 1992 in which he published each of these statements and more.

The title of Biden's "vision" is "The Wilsonian Vision and American Foreign Policy in the 1990's and Beyond." Translation: I'm all for the New World Order. As a matter of fact, his paper is broken into three parts.

I. On the Threshold of the New World Order
II. An American Agenda for the New World Order
III. Fulfilling the Wilsonian Vision

To really understand the purpose of Biden's foreign policy white paper, you should probably know what the Wilsonian Vision is. Wilsonianism is based upon former President Woodrow Wilson's "14 Points" speech to Congress in the early 1900s. Parts of this vision include the removal of borders and completely free and unrestricted trade among nations. It calls for the removal of all armaments except the bare necessities needed for domestic safety. Sound familiar? Think Obama's call for the destruction of ALL American nuclear weapons and a refusal to build more, regardless of what our adversaries may have. Finally, it calls for the restructuring of Europe along ethnic and nationalist lines...

You really should go read the rest on CJ's blog, A Soldier's Perspective, here.

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