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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Republicans Throw 'Happy Hour for Hillary' With Clinton Supporters Toasting McCain

The Republican National Committee threw an event in Denver called "Happy Hour for Hillary," where McCain and Clinton supporters gathered together for one specific cause: To oppose Barack Obama.
One of the Clinton supporters, Kathy Archuleta, never thought her first night at the Democratic National Convention in Denver would be spent at an event sponsored by the Republican party at the Paramount Café in downtown Denver, yet there she was, a 54 year-old Democrat having drinks and mingling with other Clinton supporters, McCain supporters, Independents, officials and volunteers from the John McCain campaign, according to CNN.

Approximately 100 people gathered at the Café, sipping drinks, eating tacos and cheese spread, discussing politics, sports and the Democratic Convention, while Michelle Obama was giving her speech at the Pepsi Center.

Archuleta, a lifelong Democrat, says, "I'm a registered Republican ... for the first time in my voting life. No Obama for me. I'm voting for John McCain," she then adds "He reminds me of what the Jimmy Carter era was like. ... If they think Jimmy Carter had it bad, just wait if Obama gets into the White House. That will be bad news in so many ways."

All those gathered at the Happy Hour for Hillary had one thing in common- they all believe that Barack Obama does not have the experience necessary to be the President of the United States, with Marnie Delano, who is a 58 year-old from New York stating, "His lack of experience has been demonstrated so painfully every time he opens his mouth just about. ... You cannot have good judgment without experience; that's how you get it."

Clinton supporters-turned-McCain converts at the event were not just angry at Obama's campaign; they're furious with the Democratic Party's nomination process this year.

"The DNC really pushed [Barack Obama] on us. Now they've left us with two choices: somebody who has no substance or a Republican," said Jessi Cleaver, 35, of New York. "And these are terrible choices, and they worked hard to select this candidate. ... We're watching the DNC pick this candidate for us."

Tom Kise who is the McCain campaign regional communications director, also attended the Happy Hour for Hillary, where he makes the point "Four years ago, if you said we'd be at a Hillary happy hour at the DNC, I would have called you crazy. But today is a great opportunity for people who ... agree that Sen. Barack Obama doesn't have the experience to be president of the United States."

In conjunction with the theme those gathered were speaking about, which was the experience factor, John McCain's campaign launched a new ad that will be showing during the Democratic convention, which utilizes portions of the infamous Hillary Clinton "3 a.m." ad, with a couple changes detailing the national security threats which face America.

In the original Clinton ad, she asked who was better prepared for a "3 a.m." phone call, to handle a national emergency, as she pointed out that Barack Obama was not the person voters would want answering that call.

One of the changes the McCain campaign made to the ad was the very end, where the announcer says, "Hillary's right."