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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CNN Political Analyst: Tide Is Turning In Republican's Direction

CNN's AC360 titles their piece "Is The Tide Turning" and they proceed to show that they believe it is turning in the Republicans favor as well as McCain taking a slight lead in three battleground states now.
CNN's Senior Political Analyst, David Gergen, gives analysis to how Republican presumptive nominee John McCain has managed to turn the tides in his favor as he points to the recent performances by each presidential candidate and says that "McCain showed that he can be a much more formidable and effective campaigner in a joint appearance than hardly anyone imagined."

He declares that the "myth" that young charismatic Obama would have the upper hand against the old meandering John McCain, can be kissed goodbye after their joint appearance at the Saddleback Church.

McCain came roaring out of the gate from the first question and was a commanding figure throughout the night as he spoke directly and often movingly about his past and the country’s future. By contrast, Obama was often searching for words and while far more thoughtful, was also less emotionally connective with his audience.

Gergen also asserts that John McCain seems to be on a roll since shaking up his organization a few weeks ago and becoming much more focused on getting through to voters.

The evidence he provides is the trending patterns of the nation polls which has tightened in the last few weeks as well as McCain taking a slight lead in the three key battleground states of Ohio, Virginia and Colorado.

Gergen also believes that while Obama did not lose any of his base with his performance at the Saddleback Church, McCain's support strengthened and he probably gained approval from people who were undecided.

Then he makes the pronouncement that many never thought any publication owned by CNN would ever make when he says, "And the realization is setting in that McCain might just win."

In the meantime, the message of the moment is that John McCain is no old fuddy-duddy who isn’t sure where he is going; he was on fire at Saddleback and for the first time, he looks like he could win in November.

Last but not least he gives his opinion on the three thing the Democratic presumptive nominee must do to counter the tide that has turned and those are, pick the right running mate and one that is a fighter, completely unite the party at the Democratic convention and Obama must find his voice in debates making his case as to why he thinks he is strong enough to lead the United states.

When CNN publications can see the tide turning and publish word of it, then the Democrats and Obama really have a problem.