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Friday, August 22, 2008

Madrasses Breeding Terrorists. A Muslim Response: It's All Our Fault

"the incubator of personalities that later lead Muslim society to extremism and violence."

Islam's Fortresses
Crossposted from Radarsite

Reprinted from MEMRI

A note from Radarsite: Earlier this week Radarsite posted an article, reprinted from Memri on the unquestionable dangers of madrasses, both in Pakistan and here in the West. Today we received the following comment. This reply may be one of the most telling examples of Muslim thinking we have yet to see. For this reason, we are posting it here again in its entirety. If anyone wants to try to fathom the Muslim mind, and their take on the enormous problems currently confronting Britain and all of Europe just read this reply. Read it carefully and read between the lines. We have had occasion in earlier articles to comment on how many times this poor wounded world of ours has been torn asunder by the violent, self-righteous aggressions of "belligerent victims". Now you can read these belligerent victims' indignant and offended view of this world in their own words. Nothing we could write would, I think, more eloquently describe this dangerously delusional Muslim mindset. Radarsite has added the emphasis. -rg
IftikharA said...

Muslim Youths

Muslim children are confused because they are being educated in a wrong place at a wrong time in stateMuslim youths are angry, frustrated and extremist because they have been mis-educated and de-educated by the British schooling. schools with non-Muslim monolingual teachers. They face lots of problems of growing up in two distinctive cultural traditions and value systems, which may come into conflict over issues such as the role of women in the society, and adherence to religious and cultural traditions. The conflicting demands made by home and schools on behaviour, loyalties and obligations can be a source of psychological conflict and tension in Muslim youngsters. There are also the issues of racial prejudice and discrimination to deal with, in education and employment. They have been victim of racism and bullying in all walks of life. According to DCSF, 56% of Pakistanis and 54% of Bangladeshi children has been victims of bullies. The first wave of Muslim migrants were happy to send their children to state schools, thinking their children would get a much better education. Than little by little, the overt and covert discrimination in the system turned them off. There are fifteen areas where Muslim parents find themselves offended by state schools. The right to education in one’s own comfort zone is a fundamental and inalienable human right that should be available to all people irrespective of their ethnicity or religious background. Schools do not belong to state, they belong to parents. It is the parents’ choice to have faith schools for their children. Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. There is no place for a non-Muslim teacher or a child in a Muslim school. There are hundreds of state schools where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be designated as Muslim community schools. An ICM Poll of British Muslims showed that nearly half wanted their children to attend Muslim schools. There are only 143 Muslim schools. A state funded Muslim school in Birmingham has 220 pupils and more than 1000 applicants chasing just 60. Majority of anti-Muslim stories are not about terrorism but about Muslim culture--the hijab, Muslim schools, family life and religiosity. Muslims in the west ought to be recognised as a western community, not as an alien culture.

August 22, 2008 8:00 AM

A response from Radarsite: There you have it. Right from the horse's mouth: It's all our fault. We didn't do enough to adapt our culture to theirs. We didn't allow their culture to subsume ours in our own countries. All of the violent attacks against the West and against the very countries who have welcomed these intolerant, non-assimilating immigrants into their home have been our own fault. The London Bombings were our fault. 9/11 was our fault. On and on.
When the hell are we going to start getting offended? What more will it take? Are we going to submit to the self-righteous rantings of the hate-filled Iftikhars of this world. Are we going to allow them to use our liberal guilt against us? We will meekly turn over our Judeo/Christian societies to their backward barbarism rather that taking the chance of being called racists?

Well, I'm offended right now.
Are you?