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Friday, August 01, 2008

GOP On House Floor Demanding Action On Gas Prices, As Democrats Go On Vacation

[Update] 8/4/08 Petition to call Pelosi back to Congress to deal with gas prices.

Evidently there is chaos on the floor, the Democrats decided to take their vacation, turning out the lights and killing the microphones and the Republicans are staying, demanding that the Democrats deal with the drilling issue and do their job on gas prices putting it before their vacations.

Rep. John Culberson is taping — and Twittering! — outside the chamber, says Hot Air!!!

More Twitter from PeteHoekstra

Malkin has word from GOP lawmakers, emails and such, go see. They are prepared to let the public know that the Democrats care more for their vacations than they do dealing with the gas price issue.

Hot Air points us to The Politico's The Crypt, which shows that Democrats aren't happy:

At one point, the lights went off in the House and the microphones were turned off in the chamber, meaning Republicans were talking in the dark. But as Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz..) was speaking, the lights went back on, and the microphones were turned on shortly afterward.

But C-SPAN, which has no control over the cameras in the chamber, has stopped broadcasting the House floor, meaning no one is witnessing this except the assembled Republicans, their aides, and one Democrat, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), who has now left.

Only about a half-dozen Republicans were on the floor when this began, but the crowd has grown to about 20 now, according to Patrick O'Connor.

"This is the people's House," Rep, Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) said. "This is not Pelosi's politiburo."

Democratic aides were furious at the GOP stunt, and reporters were kicked out of the Speaker's Lobby, the space next to the House floor where they normally interview lawmakers.

"You're not covering this, are you?" complaing one senior Democratic aide. Another called the Republicans "morons" for staying on the floor.

Update - The Capitol Police are now trying to kick reporters out of the press gallery above the floor, meaning we can't watch the Republicans anymore. But Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) is now in the gallery talking to reporters, so the cops have held off for a minute. Clearly, Democrats don't want Republicans getting any press for this episode. GOP leaders are trying to find other Republicans to rotate in for Blunt so reporters aren't kicked out.

Representative John Shadegg (R-Ariz..) is having a gay old time, stating,
"I love this. Congress can be so boring...This is a kick."

I have to point out update 6 on The Crypt piece, because it is just too hilarious not to.

Update 6 - Rep Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) just pretended to be a Democrat. He stood on the other side of the chaber and listed all of the GOP bills that the Dems killed.

He then said "I am a Democrat and here is my energy plan" and he held up a picture of an old VW Bug with a sail attached to it. He paraded around he house floor with the sign while the crowd cheered.

Remember to watch the updates on Twitter!

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Looks like the GOP wants Bush to call a special session which would force the Democrats to come back and do their jobs!!

MORE: CQ is reporting:

Megaphones and Pizza

The talk-in was more spontaneous than planned. Rep. Mike , R-Ind., said that as the House’s regular session neared its end Friday morning he and Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., were talking about staging more than 100 five-minute special order speeches when Price said that if the House adjourned, “We should just stay.’’

Republican members were sent out a whip notice in early afternoon asking those still in town to come to the floor.

With the microphones off on the House floor, the notice said, “If any member has a megaphone, please bring it to the floor.’’

As their effort went on, GOP members escorted tourists onto the House floor to watch the highly unusual proceedings. “You probably came here expecting to be bored,” said Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind. “We are disappointing you.’’

A few members posted updates on Twitter from the floor, sending messages to friends and supporters around the country.

From Capitol Briefing:

UPDATE 2:40 PM: Capitol Briefing will admit to never having seen anything remotely like this in 10 years of covering Congress. As "The Phantom Session" continues, the chamber is packed with tourists, and the line to get in the galleries stretches down the stairs inside the Capitol. What appears to be an entire troop of Boy Scouts is sitting in the chamber. Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) apparently went to the airport to go home but then turned around and came back. He walked into the House a few moments ago wheeling his suitcases behind him, prompting a huge round of applause and high-fives from his colleagues.

Democrats face a dilemma here. The longer this goes on the more attention it will get. But the last thing they want to do is turn Republicans into martyrs by having the police force people to leave. The GOP would like nothing more than for tourists to be manhandled out of the chamber (especially those innocent Boy Scouts!) and for reporters to be told they have to leave the press gallery. So don't expect the majority to take the bait and kick everyone out anytime soon.

At around 3 p.m., about 25 pizzas arrived for the Republicans.


From Malkin's update:

Update: Speaking of C-SPAN, they’ve linked up Rep. Culberson’s Twitter page on their website, as well as his Qik video.

[Update] According to Culberson's Twittering, Congressman Todd Platts was driving home, heard what was happening and turned back around and went back to join in.

[Update] From The Crypt Part #2-
Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), who was on a plane headed home, went back to the Capitol, walking on to the floor dragging his luggage. He got a standing ovation.

Ok, as per memorandum, more blogging this to include:, Pajamas Media,, TownHall Blog, Hot Air, Confederate Yankee, Riehl World View,, JammieWearingFool, The Raw Story, Gateway Pundit, Sweetness & Light and Patterico's Pontifications

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