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Monday, March 17, 2008

Boulder SWAT Member Shoots a Man Threatening to Detonate a Bomb In the Hospital

A 32 year old man named Terrence Baughman was shot by a member of the Boulder SWAT team after a five hour standoff where he threatened to detonate a device connected to his oxygen tank, claiming it was a bomb.
The police account of the events, said that a man, in a wheelchair, later identified as Terrence Baughman, claimed to be armed with an oxygen tank rigged with a detonator. According to reports, Baughman entered the Boulder Community Hospital this morning through the emergency room and threatened to detonate the tank.

FBI, ATF and Boulder County Sheriff's were all called the scene as were the Boulder bomb squad and SWAT team.

Roads around the hospital were closed off, snipers were positioned and the general public was asked to stay away from the Boulder Park area.

Five hours into this standoff between Baughman and the police, a SWAT member shot him in the chest and police are using a bomb squad robot to remove the device from the hospital and to the Boulder Park area where they will attempt to detonate the device safely.

Reports say that according to the police Baughman was previously a patient at that hospital but there is no word on why he went there today.

Baughman has a lengthy criminal history record, including several dangerous drug and marijuana charges, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Boulder police also arrested him on felony robbery charges in 2003, and misdemeanor charges that include theft and assault that same year. His most recent arrest was in January for a failure to appear in court on expired license plate ticket.

They are asking his friends and family who may have any information to call officers at 303-441-3333.

Sarah Huntley, Boulder Police spokeswoman says that Baughman is now being treated for life threatening injuries at a local hospital.

The Boulder Community Hospital spokeman, Rich Sheehan, says, "There are no patients or visitors who are in any danger. The police have estimated a safety zone for us... based on the size of the package the gentleman was carrying, and we have evacuated all patients, staff and visitors beyond that safety zone."

Casey Middle School, located a few blocks from the hospital was put on immediate lockdown according to Briggs Gamblin, Boulder Valley School District spokesman.