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Friday, March 28, 2008

Limbaugh Safe from Ohio Voter Fraud Charges

Ohio officials have announced that talk radio show icon Rush Limbaugh has no worries of being prosecuted for promoting voter fraud in the Ohio primaries. Limbaugh's goal has been to keep the Democrats split up until the August DNC Convention in Denver.

For the past few weeks, talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh has been promoting what he calls "Operation Chaos," his plan to make sure that the "soap opera" of the race between Senators Clinton and Obama continues as they both seek the Democratic nomination for the Presidency in the general elections this coming November.

Part of the strategy of "Operation Chaos" has been to urge Republican voters in the remaining primary states to cross over and vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary elections. At stake have been Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other states who have not yet held their primary elections.

The problem facing it's success in Ohio was the sworn declaration of loyalty to the party required by the Ohio Democratic Party, in which the person signing the document would swear allegiance to the party and support it's ideals and candidates in good faith. Violation of the contract is considered to be a felony offense. This, however, lies in contrast with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and is basically not prosecutable.

Thus, Limbaugh is safe from prosecution for promoting "voter fraud."

We have no intention of prosecuting Rush Limbaugh because lying through your teeth and being stupid isn't a crime," said Leo Jennings, a spokesman for Democratic Attorney General Marc Dann.

When asked whether she has concerns about what Limbaugh did, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, replied, "I think it's very bad form, but I think most voters are intelligent enough to make their own decisions."

While certain media outlets have had Limbaugh under fire during this campaign season for his "Operation Chaos," the concept his hardly new to this election process. Limbaugh, by his own admission at the onset of the plan, was inspired by the same tactics called for by DailyKos back in January for Democrats to vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the Michigan Primaries.

If you know someone in Michigan, send them the email I've included below the fold. If you don't know someone in Michigan, send the email to your liberal friends and see if THEY have friends in Michigan. Get the word out, whether by blog, mailing list, MySpace or Facebook page, or whatever.

If we can help push Mitt over the line, not only do we help keep their field fragmented, but we also pollute Romney's victory. How "legitimate" will the Mittster's victory look if liberals provide the margin of victory? Think of the hilarity that will ensue. We'll simply be adding fuel to their civil war, never a bad thing from our vantage point.

Michigan, as well as Florida, had it's nominees stripped for the DNC Convention, nullifying the Democratic Primaries for those two states. This was the situation prompting the DailyKos call for Democrats to infiltrate the Republican Primary in Michigan.

It should be noted that Mitt Romney is no longer in the race for the Presidency, but that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are still vying for the Democratic nomination.

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