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Sunday, March 23, 2008

6 War Protesters Arrested For Disturbing Chicago Easter Mass

[Update - video below]

Angela Haban, 20; Regan Maher, 25; Mercedes Phinaih, 18; Ephran Ramirez Jr., 22; Donte D. Smith, 21; and Ryane J. Ziemba, 25, members of a group called Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War, were arrested today after standing up and screaming about Iraq while squirting fake blood all over themselves and other parishioners until security guards and ushers removed them, then the police arrested them.

Police arrested the protesters and charged them with one count each of felony criminal damage to property and two counts each of misdemeanor simple battery.

"Even the Pope calls for peace," the demonstrators shouted as they were escorted out of a church auditorium where the Mass was held because the church proper is under construction.

One Mass attendee, Mike Wainscott of Chicago, yelled at the anti-war protesters.

"Are you happy with yourselves?" he said. "There were kids in there. You scared little kids with your selfish act. Are you happy now?"

Obviously they did care one iota about scaring the children and I want to point out a comparison here.

Earlier I wrote about 400-600 Eagles Up and Move America Forward members that thundered into the town of Berkeley to stage their own protest yesterday.... please notice that not one of them were arrested or broke the law.

I will ask again, why do "supposed" peace protesters always break the law and end up being arrested?

Is it because they aren't as peaceful as they like to pretend to be?


Chicago police said all six were scheduled to appear in bond court on Monday to face the felony charge; they have court date set for March 31 on the misdemeanors.

Seems the numbers get smaller for these anti-war groups and their message gets lost in the disgust that people now view them because of their antics, especially on Easter and in a house of God.

The red substance, which one protester later described as "stage blood," initially drew gasps and a few terrified yelps from the 600 worshipers at the mass. The shock, however, quickly transformed into anger as people booed the six as they were escorted from the parish auditorium where the holiday service was taking place.

So, instead of making a point as they had hoped to, they scared children and angered the parishioners and got themselves arrested to boot.

Sounds about right.

[Update] More from Gateway Pundit.