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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Clever Rev. Jeremiah Wright

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Hot Dog Anti-American publicity hound Rev. Jeremiah Wright plans to turn the tables on the “white establishment” he so hates. The AP has announced that Wright has canceled several appearances in Florida and Texas. Wright cites “security issues” for the hosting facilities, for his family, and for himself as his reason for cancelling. But we know better.

Unfortunately for Wright’s case, none of the local police departments in Florida or Texas know of any security issues and have already offered to beef up security for Wright.

Wright, the perpetrator of anti-White racism, is planning on turning himself into the imaginary victim of racism. Clever, don’t you think?

Well it’s likely to work among those who already buy into Wright’s type of perpetual victim-mentality!

The Daily Skiff, TCU’s campus newspaper, is lamenting the fact that the event honoring the “controversial” pastor was moved off campus.

“Many of the comments by Barack Obama's Chicago pastor are certainly offensive, but should be tolerated for an optional event on a college campus.”

I’ll buy into that logic as soon as TCU invites a white racist like David Duke to be tolerated for an “optional event on a college campus.”

Meanwhile, according to OneNewsNow, “Conservative black leader Ken Blackwell is denouncing a Texas divinity school's decision to give an award to Barack Obama's former pastor for his 40 years of ministry, despite Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sometimes hateful and anti-American rhetoric.

Blackwell, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, says while Brite Divinity and Wright have the legal right to be theologically wrong, they cannot force anyone to accept their beliefs or institutional decision. Blackwell disagrees with the liberation theology that Wright espouses from the pulpit.

"Liberation theology is a belief system that teaches that biblical phrases such as the Messiah coming to 'set the captives free' speaks to overthrowing government to aid the downtrodden, rather than teaching that freedom comes about by achieving spiritual freedom through an individual relationship with God," Blackwell notes.

He says liberation theology is only practiced by a minority of black churches in America and does not represent orthodox Christianity. "We have a tradition in the African-American church of pursuing social justice [and] of breaking down our walls of exclusion, and I think that is consistent with traditional Christian thought and Christian doctrine," Blackwell says.

Blackwell also contends that liberation theology, as it has been practiced in Latin America and Africa over the past 50 years, "has been advanced by insurgent regimes that have been more about political agendas and collectivist economies than encouraging people to seek an individual relationship with God. . ."

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