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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

US Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) Sends Suspected Murderer Back to Mexico

US Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE), in conjunction with International authorities, identified an illegal alien that was suspected of murder in Mexico and has sent him home to face his charges.
Gregorio Delgado-Munoz had been convicted in September of 2007 for illegal re-entry after deportation under an alias - Guillermo Capatello-Rico and he was sentenced to a 26 month prison sentence.

Although he was arrested using a false identity, cooperation between ICE and International authorities identified him and found that INTERPOL had a warrant from Cocula Jalisco, Mexico for Delgado-Munoz, for murder.

The field office director for ICE's Office of Detention and Removal in Philadelphia, Thomas Decker, issued a statement saying, "Returning this fugitive to Mexico is a prime example of how ICE, the Marshals Service, Mexican authorities and INTERPOL work together to ensure that international fugitives are returned to their home country to face justice. This dangerous suspect brazenly used a false identity to avoid prosecution in his home country. In the end, the law caught up to him."

Delgado-Munoz has been removed from the country twice before in 2000 and 2005. In 2006, he was turned over to ICE by local authorities in Boston, which led to his conviction and prison term. The suspect was flown from Harrisburg, Pa., to Laredo, Texas, where he was subsequently turned over to Mexican authorities at the border without incident.

ICE also announced the conviction of twenty illegal aliens which were former employees of Iowa Pre-Stressed Concrete in West Burlington, IA., and who were indicted May 16, 2007 on various charges, including: fraud and misusing documents, using false immigration identification documents, making false statements in immigration documents, misusing a Social Security number, illegally re-entering the United States after deportation, aggravated identify theft, and falsely claiming U.S. citizenship to obtain employment.

All twenty were from Mexico.

The majority of those illegal aliens received a 24 month prison sentence and will be processed for deportation after their release from prison.

Since 2005 ICE has removed more than 786,686 aliens nationwide and last year, the ICE Criminal Alien Program filed immigration violation charges on approximately 164,000 aliens serving time in jails and removed approximately 95,000 criminal aliens.