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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Texas Two-Step: Obama and Clinton War Rages On in the Lone Star State

Texans returned to the polls today to settle the dust over the March 4 primary/caucus results. On the 4th, after the polls closed, Texans went into the caucuses to continue the selection process for the Democratic nominee. The results of the two events left no clear winner between Clinton and Obama, with Clinton having taken the primaries in a 51% to 47% decision, and Obama taking the caucuses 56% to Clintons 44%. The results gave Clinton 65 national delegates for the convention, and Obama came away with 61.

Tonight, as the results come in from district primaries, the remaining 67 Texas delegates are at stake in the increasingly hot Clinton/Obama race.

Because of the huge Democratic turnout in Texas' primary and caucuses, registration took hours Saturday. At large conventions in Houston, Dallas and Austin, arguments erupted and confusion set in as complaints were lodged about the legitimacy of some delegates.

Many of the challenges were brought by Clinton supporters questioning the validity of Obama delegates. The Clinton campaign said it wouldn't lodge any challenges itself but that it was helping supporters who would.

Obama has fared better overall in caucuses this year, winning 13 to Clinton's 3.

As of this morning, Obama, with 1,623 delegates, leads Clinton, who has 1,499. A total of 2,024 delegates are needed by either candidate to secure the nomination at the DNC in August, a nod that would appear to be in the hands of the super-delegates at this point.

The results of the Texas primaries for tonight, updated as they come in. Keep checking back periodically as they will change until all reports are in.

Clinton 44%

Obama 55%

76% of Texas conventions reporting in.

[Update-] From 2008 Democratic Convention Watch, we see what the approximate breakdown of Delegates should be according to percentages should be:

Obama Vote %: 53%-54.5% Obama will get 36 delegates, Clinton 31
54.5%-56% Delegates will be 37-30
56%-57.46% Delegates will be 38-29 (projection from March 4).
57.46%-58.96% Delegates will be 39-28
56.96%-60.4% Delegates will be 40-27
60.4%-61.9% Delegates will be 41-26

[Update #2] The has Obama's press release:

With more than 56 percent of the results tallied from today’s 284 Democratic district conventions across Texas, Sen. Barack Obama currently is projected to earn a 38-29 pledged delegate win in the Texas caucuses, exactly as projected on the day after the March 4th precinct caucuses. The nine delegate margin in the caucuses means Obama will gain a net margin of five pledged delegates from Texas because Senator Clinton narrowly won the Texas primary by only four delegates, 65-61.

“Despite the Clinton campaign’s widespread attempts to prevent many Texans from participating in their district convention, the voters of Texas confirmed Senator Obama’s important delegate win in the Lone Star State,” said Obama spokesman Josh Earnest. “Today’s record-shattering turnout sends a clear message that the American people are ready for change in Washington and new leadership in the White House that will stand up for working families.”