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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Democratic Fears


TPM shares one of their readers deepest fears:

Here's the scenario that I'm worried about...

Let's suppose that Hillary has a very good day in Pennsylvania, perhaps a 15-20 point win. If that happens, there is no way the superdelegates are going to move to lock it down for Obama. It's likely that she will also do fairly well in Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky, chipping away at Obama's lead. She probably won't overcome his current margin, but she will be close enough to be able to make the case to the superdelegates that she has the momentum, and that the Pastor Wright mess renders Obama unelectable.

Thus, we go into the convention with a bitterly divided Party, with tensions running high, and both of our potential nominees battered and less able to take on McCain in November. The superdelegates will be in the very uncomfortable position of having to risk alienating the newly-inpspired and huge African-American and youth components of the Party if they hand the prize to Hillary Clinton. If they give the nod to Obama, the Clinton faction is going to raise all kinds of hell and may not be supportive of Obama in the general election.

Read the rest for yourself but my question here is....YA THINK?

The other day we showed how new data was depressing liberals:

Seems that what we have been saying for a while now about the Democratic contenders beating each other up publicly being of incredible benefit to John McCain is finally starting to penetrate the minds of the left and they aren't happy. (H/T ANO)

Now that both Hillary and Obama have been beaten to pulps in the press, and now that St. BBQ has gotten nothing but glowing coverage, do you think we’re completely screwed? I do.

Then they quote some of the article linked above and end with this:

What makes this so goddamn depressing to me is that this primary isn’t revolving around policy disputes: it’s all about identity politics, and it’s becoming a nightmare that is likely to launch St. BBQ into the White House.

I’m really depressed now.

Now what really astounds me is that it took this long for them to realize what was happening and they actually needed a poll to tell them.


Many of us have been writing about this effect for months now because we saw it, we quoted others that saw it, we wrote about it at length and we provided examples.

How freaking slow are these people?

It isn't only one little poll is the TREND from multiple different polls.

Democratic party supporters are stating publicly they are depressed, they are imagining worse case scenarios when even best case scenarios are not looking so good for them now, they are watching Hillary and Obama turn this into a race or gender contest and they are sitting there declaring their disgust with how the campaigns are handling each and every issue.

They are pointing to the recent polls and trends that show McCain has higher approval ratings and is benefiting from each and every battle the Dem nominees are fighting out and they are correctly stating that the Democratic politicians, in their quest for presidency, are fracturing their party.

The laughable part of it all... very amusing to me is that some of them are still planning to vote for one of these Democratic clowns.