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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The BBC Lies Again, Gets Caught And Has To Apologize On Air

The BBC has apologized for significant errors in two recent news reports on Israel.

In a news item on March 7, following the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva attack, the BBC showed a bulldozer demolishing a house, while correspondent Nick Miles told viewers: "Hours after the attack, Israeli bulldozers destroyed his family home. Later, mourners set up Hamas and Islamic Jihad banners nearby."

The house, however, was not demolished; the BBC was embarrassed when news reports from other broadcasters showed the east Jerusalem home intact and the family commemorating their son's actions.

Last week, the BBC apologized live on its news program, admitting it had used footage of another house being demolished.
News anchor Geeta Guru-Murthy said: "Now, we would like to clarify a report we heard at this hour last Friday about the attack by a Palestinian gunman on a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem. In the report, the day after the attack, BBC World said that the gunman's home in east Jerusalem had been demolished by the Israeli authorities. That was not correct, and the images broadcast were of another demolition."

You can go read the second example for yourself, but these apologies are always given after the fact, after the damage has been done and after the original reports have been blasted across every newspaper and headline in the MSM.

It is not like the BBC hasn't already discovered for themselves that their whole organization has a serious problem with bias and outright lies, time and tme again.

Back in July of 2007, we reported about an article in Times Online, called BBC in Need, where their company bigwigs were shocked....SHOCKED I SAY, that their producers had been deliberately misleading the public.

Much to the apparent surprise of Bennett and Abramsky, two experienced and highly respected corporation bureaucrats, a procession of contrite and nervous producers came forward to ’fess up. The public, it seemed, had been deceived with unnerving consistency, particularly over programmes with phone-in polls and competitions. And on the corporation’s most noble flagship enterprises, too. Comic Relief and Children in Need, for example.

“We just sat there absolutely stunned,” one executive board member told me, “shocked beyond belief. Nobody had any idea that this was going on on such a scale.”

So, once again, they get caught, they apologize, but no one in the leadership of BBC does anything to get to the root of the problem about their "news" reporting nothing more than propaganda and lies and only correcting it when they get busted.

Just another sad example of why the public has such distrust and contempt for the mainstream media these days.