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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Timely Media Research Center Updates--Barack Hussein Obama and Iraq

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We all know by now the MSM isn't going to cover either Barack Hussein Obama or Iraq in a fair and balanced manner. In fact, we flat out KNOW they're going to sweep any good news about Iraq under the rug until they plain have no other choice except reporting it, and then it won't be full coverage. As to BHO, they will gloss over the most egregious information or flat out mis-report it (I heard a commentator today refer to Wright's comments as "the RECENT comments by Wright" when we have previously shown they were ongoing over a several year time span--there was nothing RECENT about them).

So, straight from Media Research Center:
1. Instead of Wright, NBC Touts Childhood Pals: 'Good Luck Barry!'
Friday's NBC Nightly News allocated a mere 22 seconds to Barack Obama's condemnation of what fill-in anchor Ann Curry vaguely described as "inflammatory remarks that his long time pastor made about Hillary Clinton and the nation," but instead of informing viewers of any of those remarks, such as Reverend Jeremiah Wright's suggestion that the U.S. deserved 9/11, the newscast then devoted three minutes to a celebratory piece about how excited Obama's childhood friends in Indonesia are about his candidacy. In a story which began and ended with a picture of Obama's classmates in front of huge "Good Luck Barry!" lettering, reporter Ian Williams trumpeted the wonders Obama is doing abroad: "The fact that Obama lived in Jakarta and studied at this school has really captured the popular imagination. It's already working wonders for America's battered image here." A local commentator oozed over how "Obama's candidacy confirms the romantic ideals people like me have held since childhood that America's the land of opportunity." Williams concluded with how "friends remember Barry playing barefoot in the paddy fields with a real spirit of adventure," and so now "hope there'll be no turning back on his journey to the White House. And Barry might attend their next reunion as President of the United States."

2. On Wright Blaming U.S. for 9/11: 'How Do We Get Away from This?'
Instead of acting as an impartial journalist who would express interest in probing why Barack Obama may say he disagrees with the incendiary anti-U.S. left-wing rants from his minister while he has remained close to him, Friday afternoon on MSNBC Norah O'Donnell fretted about how "Rush Limbaugh went nuts today on his program about this story" and wondered: "How do we get away from this?" Guest Michael Crowley of The New Republic assured her: "I don't think this reflects anything on what Barack Obama believes."

3. Study: Broadcast Networks Fell Down on Covering Jeremiah Wright
As Jeremiah Wright's screaming sermons have gone from ABC across the media on Friday, many are asking: where were the networks on this story? A Nexis search of network transcripts shows that up until now, Obama's church and minister have been barely mentioned -- and usually as an Obama defense mechanism. Up until March 13, NBC has done nothing. CBS has devoted about a minute to controversy in a February 28 CBS Evening News story. ABC's Jake Tapper offered Obama's church-and-minister defense against charges he was a Muslim three times in November and December.

4. Ongoing Blackout of Wright's 9/11 Rant, Only ABC Covers Him Monday
The broadcast network evening show blackout, of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's 2001 charge that the U.S. earned the 9/11 attacks, continued Monday night as neither CBS nor NBC touched the Wright issue and ABC ran a full story which included Wright's “U.S. of K-K-K-A” hate speech and how Obama has been close to Wright for 20 years, but concluded with how “many African-Americans do not understand” the controversy since the “kind of fiery language Wright uses is not uncommon in black churches."

What struck me today was the backhanded, bigoted slap BHO gave to his own grandmother--first he talked about her sacrifice and love of him, but then babbled how she said things about her fear of black men on the street that made him cringe.

He has no problem forgiving Wright and "understanding" where Wright's "anger" comes from, but he's not able to extend that same understanding to his grandmother and her fear. That makes him cringe.

His lies also stood out like huge red flags. Three days ago, according to him, he never heard Wright say these things, he wasn't present when these things were said. Then he started getting "squishy" and stated he MAY have heard a few things--today he admits to hearing these things.
Not once. Not twice, but...20 years worth, by his choice. His choice to listen to this hate monger, his choice to admire him, his choice to rely on him for spiritual and personal support and help.

He truly showed how he would handle a crisis if elected to the White House. Between his lies, his wishy-washy actions, his tepid, forced denunciations of Wright and Farrakhan--he has shown he failed this test miserably.

Go home little boy and grow up. Maybe you'll be ready for the White House in about 100 years. NOT a second sooner.

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