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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Geert Wilders' Fitna Movie Trailer.

[Update] 3/27/08- FITNA has been released, see full 15 minute film here.

Hat tip to Jawa Report.

Geert Wilders created a film to show the atrocities that Islamic extremists commit using their religion to hide behind.. actions that have been condemned and denounced by moderate Muslims that just wish to practice their faith in a peaceful manner.

Wilders' life has been threatened, countries have bowed down in fear of retribution if his short 11-15 minute film is shown and a company called Network Solutions has violated his free speech rights by pre-censoring his film and disabling the site he bought to host it, before it was every published on the site. This led to a Czech group offering to host the film for Wilders.

Here is the trailer of his film, uploaded to YouTube by Jawa Report.

The blowback for Network Solutions for their violation of free speech as well as their practice of pre-censorship, is still being felt, as of now there are 383 news stories, dozens of cases of people canceling Network Solutions' services and emails still being sent to them complaining of their actions.

Network Solutions can also be reached by e-mail:

Via phone:

In the U.S. and Canada call:
General Support
Technical Assistance
1.866.391.HELP (1.866.391.4357)

Outside the U.S. call:

Network Solutions Horror Stories reports that you can reach the executive Center at 1-570-708-8700, just ask for Rick at ext 8162 or Kim at 8162.

Contact form for General Support.

Contact form for Technical Support.