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Thursday, March 27, 2008

After Resolved Hostage Situation at a KY. University, Two Children Found Dead in Home

After resolving a hostage situation at the University of Louisville, in Kentucky, school officials asked authorities to check on children at a Louisville home and police found two children fatally shot.
Thursday morning, at about 8:30 am, a woman walked into the Belknap Campus Student Health Services building at the University of Louisville, armed with a weapon in what is being reported as a hostage situation.

According to the University's website, the Counseling Center in the Health Services had called the University police to come escort a woman to a mental health facility, but when police arrived, they found the woman holding the counselor hostage.

The school immediately sent safety alerts to student phones, cell phones and posted one on its Web site.

The University police secured the area, called in the Louisville Metro Police Department, then went back into the room and managed to get the woman disarmed.

Details are sketchy, but the University website refers to the woman as a student, but police have not verified that as of yet.

The University police then asked the city police to check on children in a Louisville home and when the authorities arrived at he two-story red brick home, in what is described as a tidy middle-class neighborhood, they found two children dead at the scene.

According to Officer Phil Russell of the city police department, officers found the children "fatally wounded". Earlier reports said the two children had been shot, but that it was not confirmed at the scene.

Police do say the deaths are related to the hostage situation but the woman's relationship to the two children is still unclear and the names of the woman and children are not being released as of yet.