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Thursday, March 27, 2008

After Losing His Mother, Man Brings gun To Hospital and Kills Two and Wounds Two More

Two people killed and two critically wounded when a man, after suffering the loss of his mother from natural causes, brought a gun to Doctors Hospital in Columbus and proceeded to open fire on individuals.
Charles Johnston, 63 years old, walked into Doctors Hospital, in Columbus Georgia with a gun, went to the fifth floor and started shooting.

According to Police Chief Ricky Boren, at a news conference, Johnson had lost his mother at that hospital, from natural causes and came back, went to the fifth floor, shot a male nurse, killing him, then shot a secretary who is in critical condition.

When authorities arrived, an officer saw Johnson leaving the building and witness him shoot a bystander in the head. That bystander is in critical condition.

The officer followed the Johnson into the parking deck where the man opened fire on police. Police returned fire, and one plainclothes officer shot the man in the shoulder and he is currently receiving hospital treatment.

The other victim that died was an administrative assistant that died after surgery.

There are conflicting news reports about when Johnson's mother actually died.

Some accounts say she died in 2004 and Johnson had held a grudge since then and other accounts say that Johnson's mother had died earlier that same morning.

The Police Chief, Ricky Boren stated in the news conference that the mother had died Thursday morning, March 27, 2008, and in a couple of other newspapers, they quote witnesses that say the mother died in 2004.

Officials from the hospital said that no patients or family members of patients were shot, it was only hospital employees.