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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Michigan Senate over dead?

Reports say any plans for a do over in Michigan died when the Senate adjourned.

So either the DNC backs down and allows the delegates to be seated, awarded from a in a primary that took place without Obama's name on the ballot, or they split them in half which already has Hillary supporters howling in pre-emptive outrage.

OR, they completely disenfranchise all Michigan voters by sticking to their (the DNC's) guns and seating none of them.

Democrats still face the problem of how to seat Michigan’s 156 delegates to the national convention. As of today, Michigan Democrats have no role in the very closely contested Obama-Clinton contest because the national party took away the state’s delegates for holding a primary on Jan. 15, before party rules allowed it.

Whatever they decide it is going to disenfranchise a large number of Michigan voters, some of which already say they will not bother to even vote in the generla election in November and others declaring they will vote for McCain out of spite.

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The DNC has a problem now, one that everybody BUT them saw way ahead of time, (see posts above) and which they ignored until it became this mess.