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Friday, March 21, 2008

Brite Divinity School Accused of Violating Its Own Covenant

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Note: This is the fifth post in a continuing series concerning the fateful decision of Brite Divinity School to honor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on May 29th. For background read (1) Brite Divinity School to Honor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, (2) Brite Divinity School Jeremiah Wright Update, (3) Brite, Jeremiah Wright, and the Out of Context Card, and (4) The Brite-Jeremiah Wright Debate Continues

Here’ are my teasers to three must-read stories just published today!!! I’ll be making separate posts for each of these very substantial articles. Stay tuned.

Some views at Obama's church are controversial

This Fort Worth Star-Telegram article hints that Obama’s church is merging Marxism with the Gospel. Looks like Black Liberation Theologian, James Cone, (Rev.Jeremiah Wright’s hero), thinks/though that the white Church is/was the antichrist. And that he is/was a Marxist. He certainly loves to obfuscate the issue. I wonder why Cone would not attribute that strange non-quote to Obama? Why did he bring Obama into the non-quote? Perhaps he’s hoping someone will take it “OUT-OF-CONTEXT” and run with it? Not me, I’ll leave it at the end of the original article should you choose to visit the link. Here’s just one quote to whet your appetite.

“ . . .Among some of Wright's more provocative doctrines are his claims that Jesus is black; that merging Marxism with the Gospel may show the way to a better tomorrow; and that the white church in America is the Antichrist because it supported slavery and segregation.”

Hate Preach: Brite Divinity School To Honor Wright

American Thinker’s Lee Cary, who holds a Doctorate of Sacred Theology, accuses Wright of “Hate Preach” and accuses Brite Divinity School of violating its own covenant!!! She’s been asking Brite president, D. Newell Williams, for answers to two vital questions. So far she hasn’t received any answers. Don’t feel bad Lee, neither have I. These two questions are doozies. Perhaps we all should just forward them to Williams and keep sending to him on Lee's behalf them until he is forced to answer?

Saving the Best for Last

The Speech: A Brilliant Fraud Today Charles Krauthammer dissected Obama’s speech with such mastery that it’s not surprising that so few of us heard it for what it actually was. Here’s a hint.

“His defense rests on two central propositions: (a) moral equivalence, and (b) white guilt.”

If you’d like to share your thoughts with the President of Brite Divinity School, D. Newell Williams, or with Texas Christian University Chancellor Boschini, here is their contact info.

President of Brite Divinity School, D. Newell Williams n.williams(at)
TCU Chancellor Boschini v.boschini(at)

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