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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Conspiracy Theories Revisited

President John F Kennedy was assassinated by the Mafia. Or was it the CIA? The FBI? Cubans working for Fidel Castro? The KGB? Or was it even something Jackie had done because of his involvement with Marylin Monroe? Or it COULD have been Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. A lot of it depends on who you ask.

Princess Dianna was killed by the Special Air Service under order of the Queen. Or was it an al-Qaeda operation? Or maybe the CIA? The Mossad? Or was it just an accident caused by a drunk driver at the wheel of her limo?

Benazir Bhutto was killed by al-Qaeda. Or was it the Musharref administration? Or the CIA?

Anyone seeing a familiar pattern here?

The more influential the leader, the more speculation there is on how they die when they die an untimely death. No matter what the truth is, it will be lost in a web of suspicion and controversy, rumor, and accusation. Benazir Bhutto joins the ranks of JFK, Dianna, Elvis Presley, and Jim Morrison in the arena of speculations and innuendo surrounding her death. Her family has called upon the United Nations to investigate. England's Scotland Yard has just recently finished their own investigation into her assassination.

BRITISH officials have revealed that evidence amassed by Scotland Yard detectives points towards Al-Qaeda militants being responsible for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Five experts in video evidence and forensic science have been in Pakistan for 10 days since President Pervez Musharraf took up an offer from Gordon Brown for British help in the investigation of the December 27 killing. Last week they were joined by three specialists in explosives.

Bhutto’s murder as she left a rally she had been addressing in Rawalpindi sparked an international outcry. Her body was flown home to be buried with no postmortem examination. Companions insist the cause of death - a bullet wound in her neck - was obvious.

Claims by the government that she had fractured her skull on the sunroof of her car while escaping the blast from a suicide bomb prompted fury from party supporters who insisted she had been shot before the explosion.

When footage of the incident clearly revealed a man waving a pistol in the crowd, the government was accused of a cover-up.

What IS clear is this: al-Qaeda claimed responsibility after the assassination. They aren't generally known to claim responsibility for an incident they weren't involved in.

Pakistan has been, and remains, a tinderbox waiting for the right spark to ignite it. Fortunately, so far, the death of Bhutto has not been that spark. It remains critical that Pakistan remain stable and that their nuclear weapons don't fall into the hands of radical extremists who would have no qualms or reservations about using them.

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