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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Well Is Dry


Remember the Dust Bowl? McRomniani is that well - that Modern Dust Bowl - of ideological dishonesty and betrayal of the Conservative Movement. This piece has been inspired by an article emailed to me by Stormin' Norman. The article is entitled;

A very grand question that. The article deals with the term "growth" being tossed about and we all know that people, places and things can only grow so much...there are limitations to growth. It is a great read but that is not what this piece is about. This piece is about how dry the theoretical political conservative leaders have become - how so far out in their own little world they have stepped out into.

I just heard about how ILLEGAL aliens, that pay taxes(??) are going to get their "fair share" of the non-stimulus stimulus package "refund/rebate". Compassion, as growth, can only go so far. The Talking Dolt - a socialist political hair-ball - said that this measure is supported by "Democrats", "Republicans" and "The White House" so, "What is the problem with this?" "It is bi-partisan." And? So what? Because our CONgress Critters and our Compassionate Conservative(?) President says so, it is so? We The People, say no and We The People, in accordance to the United States Constitution, call the shots and dictate TO those that rule us - by our consent - and not the other way around.

The problem, cur, is this: the American people spoke up not all that long ago and said HELL NO to Shamnesty and we said HELL NO for a reason...We The People - the CITIZENS - of this country DISAPPROVE of and wholeheartedly reject the notion of rewarding ILLEGAL aliens anything that a CITIZEN does not receive. What part of this is not understood? We do not care if they "pay taxes". If they "pay taxes", we have their personal data and know where they live...deport them IMMEDIATELY! They are here ILLEGALLY, making them CRIMINALS.

This is but a mere facet of the Modern Ideological Dust Bowl...where is the Constitutional Authority in rewarding ILLEGAL aliens that which American citizens are barred from? What is wrong with this picture? I have referred to such utter nonsense as the Cultural Jihad, not to be confused with the Global Cultural Jihad by the members of the Religion of Pieces, led by the murderous Thug, Moe and his cult god known as allah.

The Conservative Movement has been betrayed by the likes of the McRomniani Trio and the Huckabee Mole and the Ron Paul Space Cadet Academy drop-out. The only true-to-form but not quite up to true par conservatives were, in my humble opinion, in this order, Gilmore, Hunter, Thompson. All three, creating great fear within in the Drive By Media and fellow socialists in this nation, were set aside as dross much to the chagrin of the citizens of America. What we have now are Obama, a socialist; Hillary, a budding Leninist; Romney, a liberal conservative that sold out to win a "conservative" governorship in Socialistchusetts; McCain, a RINO; Huckabee, with socialistic tendencies. All five current Presidential Aspirants are Big Government advocates, plain and simple.

Gilmore is now running for the Senate in Virginia. There are rumors that Hunter may make a bid for Governor of Kaliphornia. Thompson, also as rumor holds, may make a bid for Governor of Tennessee. As I see it, the Conservative Movement War being waged here at home must be fought for and won in the Congress and at the State and Local levels of government. Should the Conservative Movement be reasserted at these levels, any socialist or socialistic President will be a powerless and moot point and will lead by Figurehead only.

The Conservative Movement is not dead much like the FDR liberal mindset is not dead. Unlike the FDR liberals, the conservatives were too busy working and providing for their families and fell asleep at the wheel - were not paying attention to the Creeping Liberal Fascism as it came springing to life with the advent of the Clintonistas. We need to awake from our deep sleep of inaction and inattentiveness and renew the Conservative Movement and move it into prominence once again as we did in the Reagan years.

Perhaps, as was overwhelmingly obvious even to the oblivious, as it was presented in the aftermath of the Carter years, the Conservative Movement will take the helm. Perhaps that is what American Conservatives need at this point - another Carter-like quagmire because that is where we are heading with placing either of the remaining Presidential Aspirants into the White House. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

On an upbeat swing (I don't dwell in the realm of pathetic doom and gloom), Chris at MVRWC does have some "good news" in that no matter the GOP Big Nod recipient, the DNC hasn't a prayer and I agree. The reasons I agree vary but the end result is the same:
Polls are showing a major butt kicking at the hands of the democrats this year. Everywhere you look, they are telling of peril and republican banishment to the void. I know that some will disagree, but I don't think that this year you can read a lot into them. For the first time in 80 years, we don't have an administration member running for president. The closest is Hillary who was there 8 years ago. We don't really know who the nominees will be. Yeah, we have an idea, but until 2/5 anything can happen. Let's face it, we have a divided electorate and it's going to be close no matter who gets the nominations. In the last 2 elections, the polls have bounced like crazy. [...]
They have the states listed and the delegate counts and the potential delegates yet to be dispersed. It isn't all doom and gloom. After all, we aren't emotionally unhinged like the socialists are on as regular basis now, are we?

A Hear here! to Blackfive at this time is appropriate:
This goes out to Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of those who now have the peasants all pitch-forked and torched up ready to take out the Maverick.

Since I am not a Republican or a conservative my advice may not mean all that much to you, but c'est la vie. Heck if Sarkozy can help the French make nice with the US, maybe a libertarian-leaning hawk can roost with true movement conservatives.

I am asking all of you to chill out and quit fanning conservative hate of John McCain. You can feature reader email outraged that the shamnesty King will destroy us all, but you all have spent months stoking those fires and made sure he was damaged goods.

So time to decide what's important to you, ideological purity or making sure we are not subjected to 8 years of President Obama. You can complain all you want about McCain's shortcomings, but how does he shape up against a true movement progressive. Obama's policies would be right at home here in the Mad City and unless Republicans field a candidate who can beat him, we will watch the socialism train travel around the country. [...]
There is some semblance of reason there...I don't 100% agree but the point is made just the same. That which I disagree with in the post from Blackfive is inconsequential. At this moment in time, anything presented by the GOP is a far cry better thing the opposition has to offer.

Stephen Maloney sees better than most in areas of politics and may or may not get his wish:
McCain: Choose Sarah not Mike!

The American Thinker, always on the cutting edge of causing folks to say, "Harrumph!":
At the end of the Bush administration conservatives need to clear their heads and think about the future. It's time to do some serious political philosophy. [...]
Ya think? Hell, I did that back in 1999! The only reason I voted for GWB TWICE is because I was assuredly not voting for Al Gore or John Kerry. I have been hoping that the RINOs in the RNC and the GOP would get their collective heads out from their collective buttocks but apparently, that isn't going to happen all too soon. I won't be voting for Hillary or Obama either by default by staying home or by physical vote.

Rasmussen match up:
Rasmussen: McCain 48, Hillary 40; McCain 47, Obama 41

American Power asks: Can McCain Unify the GOP? That remains to be seen. This is January...still. Perhaps the reasonable but sometimes salt-in-wound voice of Don Surber can lend some semblance of order amid the chaos: John McCain
Conservatives need to use this as a learning opportunity.

With his decisive win in Florida, following his decisive win in South Carolina, following his decisive win in New Hampshire, perhaps the candidate many of us did not want is about to become the Republican nominee. [...]

[...] I decided last summer to leave the decision up to the Republican Party, and then back the candidate.

My wise counsel in this is the philosopher who pens under the pseudonym Basil.

Bush was not his first choice in 2000. Dole was not his choice in 1996. Reagan was not his first choice in 1980.

I can do him one better: I voted for Carter. Maybe I should wear a T-shirt: "What do I know? I voted for Carter." [...]
Yeah. Me too. I voted for Carter. However, there is hope. Out in Kaliphornia, conservatives and Liberals alike outright rejected the socialist health care program and it went down in flames. As we witness 40+ years of Identity Politics came to a blood curdling crescendo, it is time for the Conservatives to once again "settle for" and work on that 218 Constitutionalist House Caucus thing. After all, even McCain knows the Global Threat of Islamic Jihad; mid-eastern illegal aliens nabbed in Mississippi aside. Even I don't think that McCain would go as far as tolerating that but the Leftinistra will, in the name of detente with the murderers of Islam.

With the obvious racists and bigots "on the other side" of the coin called fascist liberalism, we don't need to be equated with such shallow-minded we? With the cool, calm and collect Right Wing Sparkle chatter, who can resist? With Redstate opining about Electile Dysfunction...again...I cannot help but noticing the calm before the storm.

Sure, it has been said that McCain is the Democrat Party's favorite Republican but, at this pint, have they defeated themselves? Stranger things have happened. Others have said that the liberals wanted to have McCain as their opponents and the reasonings for this were numerous. It could be that perhaps, the enemies within would say, "Well McCain isn't a liberal but he acts like one so if you want a liberal, vote for Obama or Hillary." Now, there's a thought! Only time will tell.

I hope you like roller coasters.