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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unsung Heroes: Doing What Most Won't


There are three key operations in the ITO, three of many, but these most recent, which have brought about the beginning of the end of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Don't get me wrong here...the war is far from "over" but Victory is at hand.

Operation Phantom Phoenix, Operation Marne Thunderbolt, Operation Iron Harvest

These operations have exacted justice on the remaining hard-core pockets of AQI and mopping up exercises, albeit dangerous, is under way. The video of the latest Shock and Awe air strikes can be seen here or here. You can check out the excellent work of our troops at The Long War Journal.

As our own jackals in DC whine, piss and moan about how the Iraqi Political "benchmarks" go undone; as their own benchmarks and earmarks drain the citizenry dry; we find that unbeknownst to them and, rightfully so...God forbid the NYT finds out about it...the Iraqis have been working feverishly behind the scenes, more than likely under the tutelage of those "nasty and mean military people", to undermine the terrorist groups inside Iraq and they have succeeded. (Don't forget to send cards of condolences to the anti-Americanist groups within CONUS up to and including half of our CONgress.)


Iraq: We've Penetrated AQI -- But Apparently Not The American Media

Reid: STOP THE WORLD! I WANNA GET OFF! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!! Well, no. He hasn't said that openly but I bet he sure does think it and maybe even whines to his wife...if she can still stand him...and most assuredly to his partner in defeat Nanny Pelosi.
At the same time that the Iraqi National Assembly passed its long-awaited de-Ba'athification reform, the security services have apparently cracked al-Qaeda's organization in the country. Muslim World News, a Muslim news agency in India, reports that the Iraqi Interior Ministry formed a unit recently dedicated to attacking AQI and will shortly take out the entire structure (via AJ Strata):
OH MY!! It was a good thing that the NY Slimes and the Washington Compost didn't know about this ahead of time, eh? They would have tipped off their buddies in AQ!! Instead, Iraqis did the work themselves showing the dumb American idiots in CONgress that can't even do their own damn jobs how to succeed. Well done!

This story can be found here and here.

Iraqi official says Al-Qaeda in Iraq is penetrated, has become an open book Iraq Announces The Defeat Of al-Qaeda Is At Hand, Time To Celebrate

Now we know The Why and the How Did They Know in regards to the recent air strikes. I wonder if that idiot over at StupidMuttDrip feels like the idiot we all know it to be now?

I have often wondered when an AQ Tet Offensive was to come seeing that was their only chance since the Surge has routed them out from just about everywhere. Apparently, their regrouping into these areas may have been the beginnings of that and the Iraqi penetration stemmed that tide and nipped it in the bud. We shall see.

If ops like this keep happening day after day, I think Wizbang may be correct: Iraq may be moot point in campaign after Bush deal... read the story here as well...

Sorry, Barack, You've lost Iraq.

For the complete idiot and dumbest President we have ever say the various anti-Americanist groups around the globe...GWB sure does outfox them at EVERY turn, doesn't he? I wonder if the idiots that get trounced by GWB on a regular basis still feel superior...
The Bush Administration expects to sign a new deal with the Iraqi government this summer which will replace the UN Security Council Resolutions in governing our relationship, and could also take Iraq off the table for the fall elections - as well as for the next Administration. Michael Hirsh reports for Newsweek: [...]
[...] Even on his way out the door, Bush wins again.
OUCH!! That will leave a mark...

As Ed at CQ states:
[...] If the Iraqi government has penetrated AQI, doesn't that mean something for their ability to fight terror and to stand on their own two feet? Isn't a free and stable Iraq the victory we have awaited, and doesn't this suggest that we're coming close to achieving it? Doesn't the joint military operations conducted in Iraq this week tend to confirm this Interior Ministry statement?
The silence is becoming deafening.
There's those damn crickets again...

Catch the buzz here...LOL!!