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Monday, January 28, 2008

Democrats Putzed Around Until the Last Minute, Yet Again

The Democrats because of their incompetence has putzed around on the FISA bill once again, until the last minute and now they and their supporters are whining because the Republicans will not pass a one month extension and Bush has said he will veto a simple extension, as well he should.

Democrats have the majority in the Senate and the House which means they have been the ones in control of setting the agenda.

When they passed a six month temporary FISA bill so they could go on their August vacation, they came back and putzed around with everything BUT the FISA bill they knew would sunset on February 1, 2008.

NOW, they want the Republicans to help them pass a one month extension to "give them time".....why should they?

The Democrats in control wasted their time and our taxpayers money on countless bills they knew would not pass and ignored the FISA bill, to protect our country, until the last possible second.

Their supporters are pissing and moaning about how those nasty Republicans won't help them pass a simple extension without bothering to tell their readers that it is the incompetence and horrible leadership of the Democrats that put them in this bind to begin with by not working on the FISA bill for the last six months.

Poor idiots cannot even be honest to their own readership.

So the Democrats didn't do their job, FISA might just expire, they and their supporters will try to lay it at the Republicans feet but that won't fly because it was the Democrats inability to the job they were given that will endanger our country because they were too lazy, too incompetent and too stupid to do their job in a timely manner and the Republicans have no reason to pull their asses out of the fire or help them dig themselves out the hole they have dug for themselves..

The Corner
has a preview of what the State of Union will entail and I sincerely hope the President makes it clear that the Democratic leadership has not done their job, pissed away six months when they could have been working on FISA and points out how unprepared they are to keep our country safe, once again proving why they have been known to be the weak ones regarding National Security.

The have earned that reputation and it is for the reasons stated above that they continue to show how deserving they are of it.

Due to my move this week, I wasn't able to be here to update the whole day about what has happened and when, but Michelle Malkin kept everyone apprised so you can head over there and see how things went down.