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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Latest Zogby Poll has Obama Leading Clinton by 15 Points

Polls didn't reflect voter turnout or vote preference correctly in New Hampshire, but this latest Reuter/Zogby/C-Span poll is worthy of mention because Obama's lead in the poll taken from 1/23-1/25-08 is at 15 points.

Obama at 41%, Clinton at 26% and Edwards at 19%.

According to that same poll, McCain is still leading Romney in Florida.

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama reversed a declining course and regained some support heading into Election Day here, posting a 15-point lead just hours before polls open here today, the latest and last Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily telephone tracking poll shows.


The race is closest in the largest cities of the state, but Obama still leads there - and enjoys wider leads in the suburbs and rural areas of the state. He also enjoys solid support across ideological lines, leading among progressives, liberals, and moderates alike.

This, in part, is a portion of the reason for Hillary's latest dirty tactics in the political games the Clinton's are so good at and which the left side of the blogosphere is condemning her for, as we discussed in an earlier post, with prime examples.

So, will Obama take South Carolina today and if so, how into the mud is Hillary prepared to go after the backlash she is taking today from her own liberal supporters?

On a side note, Reuters has some very harsh words about Bill Clinton, which is discussed over at NewsBusters who asks "Is that a pig I see outside my window soaring like an eagle across the horizon?"

(Personal Note: This weekend and next week, I will be moving, so between packing and moving, I will post news as I can, so please bear with me.)