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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Queen Is Missing!

by Roger W. Gardner
Crossposted from Radarsite.

In her fascinating article below "Foiled Al-Qaeda plot to kill the Queen", Susan Duclos reveals a recently reported foiled plot to assassinate the Queen of England.

This report, as frightening as it is, brings up a question I have long had in reference to the Queen of England and the imminent Islamification of her proud country.


For that matter, other than in the daily gossip columns, where the hell have ANY of the Royal family been?

Am I missing something here, or have they all been embarrassingly uninvolved in this huge domestic cultural crisis?

To a Yankee from across the Pond, it seems that now more than ever the people of England need their Queen to take the lead in protecting their nation's rich cultural heritage and staving off the impending Muslim immigrant takeover of her country.

Yet, it appears to this observer, the pampered Royals have decided to totally ignore this crucial battle and stay safely shut up behind the walls of their Royal Palaces and leave the bloody fighting to others. Meanwhile, this poor brave little island. this once noble England, is being torn apart by its ruthless internal enemies, those deadly vipers which they themselves foolishly let into their nest.

England faces a danger today at least as grave as it did in the Thirties. And, even though some of the Royal's anti-fascist views during that period may have been somewhat suspect, they were at least visible to their subjects; publicly encouraging their nation's brave refusal to submit to the Nazi yoke, and to somehow endure the unendurable horrors of the London Blitz.

Yet today, for whatever reasons, the Royals -- and particularly the Queen -- are noticeably absent from the scene. And this particular Yank can only wonder why?