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Saturday, January 12, 2008

South Carolina Voters Have an "Epiphany" About Fred Thompson: I could see him staring down our enemies.”

On the New York Times Politics page, the title of the piece "A Combative Thompson Sways Voters" and they describe reactions from the good people of South Carolina to Fred Thompson's debate performance in the last GOP presidential debate.

John Berenberk, a retired teacher, recounts what happened when he and his wife were watching the debate stating "But then last night — we hadn’t even been thinking about him — all of a sudden it was clear he was the one. The bluntness, the forcefulness. He was really impressive.”

A retired corrections officer, Jim Sickles, an office manager, Natalie Bankowski and a waitress that holds three jobs, Maryanne Gasper, were among a dozen randomly chosen that were undecided or leaning toward other Republican candidates, until the debate Thursday where they discovered Fred Thompson, in what was his best debate to date.

Thompson finally showed what people kept asking for and that was some "fire in his belly", which we spoke about at length, (Link to the transcript as well as a video to one of his best answers, is at that link) showing some of his better quotes, here at Wake up America.

In fact, in the last BlogBurst for Fred that we participated in,  and since that debate, the fundraising goal had been $540,000 and after his outstanding performance in Thursday's debate, he not only reached that goal, but exceeding it by (as of right now) $260,000+, as seen here.

The Fred File brings other news releases from the Associated Press, Washington Post and Jennifer Rubin, who states ” Thompson seems to have the knack of civilly making his arguments, contrasting his opponents views’ and leaving the name calling to others."

I will leave you with the last line in the New York Times piece, from a construction forewoman from Moncks Corner, Sirita Long, "He’s a straight-up shoot-from-the-hip guy. I could see him staring down our enemies.”

Just for kicks, because I enjoyed it so much, here was his comment, via YouTube, where he said "Yes, I think so. I think I agree with the governor on that. You can't take the judgment like that out of the hands of the officers on the ground there. I think one more step and they would have been introduced to those virgins that they're looking forward to seeing."