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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Westboro Baptist Church: God Hates Marines

Hat tip to Jay at Stop the ACLU.

Westboro Baptist Church is once again planning on picketing at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina; in religious protest and warning: “Be not “‘deceived; God is not mocked.” Gal. 6:7. God Hates Fags! & FagEnablers.
Westboro Baptist Church is a group that was founded by Fred Phelps, and in October 2007, had a $10,000,000 judgment issued against the organization, in a lawsuit brought against them by the family of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder -- who was killed in a vehicle accident in Iraq's Anbar province in 2006.

The judgment was for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress for picketing outside Cpl. Snyder's funeral.

The award included $2.9 million in compensatory damages and $8 million in punitive damages.

According to their recently released flyer, they are planning another event on Saturday, January 19, 2008.

The wonderful, spit-and-polish Marine is over eight months pregnant and she says another wonderful Marine raped her, and now on the eve of his court martial where she is the star witness against him, she turns up dead, and he is a fugitive from justice.

Wonderful. The few. The proud. Based on our extensive experience with Marines for over a decade, we can testify that these are typical Marines. WBC will picket the filthy, lawless Marine Corps - at noon next Sat., Jan. 19 - at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina; in religious protest and warning: “Be not “‘deceived; God is not mocked.” Gal. 6:7. God Hates Fags! & FagEnablers.

Ergo, God hates the Marines.

The death of the female pregnant marine, that the Westboro flyer is referring to has been in the news recently after Cpl. Cesar Laurean was accused of raping Cpl. Maria Lauterbach.

Laurean is wanted for the murder of Cpl. Maria Lauterbach, whose charred remains were found in Laurean's backyard of his home in Jacksonville over the weekend.

The autopsy found that Lauterbach, who was eight months pregnant, had died of blunt force trauma to the head.

After that announcement about her autopsy results and also after a $25,000 reward was announced for information leading to Laurean's arrest, his pickup truck was found yesterday morning in the parking lot of an inn in Morrisville, N.C., about 135 miles from Jacksonville, N.C.

Westboro Baptist Church has picketed dozens of funerals of our fallen soldiers that died in Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming that God is punishing the U.S. for its tolerance of homosexuality.

Westboro Baptist Church also runs a website called God Hates Fags, in which, after browsing the site, you see items such as their picketing schedule, recent press releases, all PDF files with the titles of "Thank God for IEDs and 3 more Dead Soldiers", "Thank God for IEDs and 6 Dead Soldiers", and "Thank God for Omaha bus crash. Nebraska is unlawfully persecuting WBC, in violation of their own laws," to just name a few.

Other signs that they hold up during their protests and picketing events, include the one below.

You can see more signs they are proud of here, one of which states that 9-11 was a gift from God.

The hatred they preach is also taught to their children and YouTube has some videos showing some of that "education".

Take a good look through their site and you decide if you think this is a "religious" group or a hate cult hiding behind the mantle of religion.

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