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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Wyoming Convention: Update- Two for Romney now. Update, 6 for Saturday?

[Update] The International Herald Tribune reports:

The former Massachusetts governor gained the first four delegates and six of the first eight to be selected Saturday. Fred Thompson, the former Tennessee senator and actor, and California Rep. Duncan Hunter, who both also visited Wyoming, won the other two that had been decided, meaning no other candidate could beat Romney.

[Update] Romney hits 6 Hunter 1 and Thompson 1, according to CBS.  (See Above update for clarification)

I am hearing rumors that McCain has 1 also, but cannot find a verifiable link as of yet.

[Update] Romney grabs the lead by securing the first four of the 12 available delegates, via, Newsweek.

[Update] Romney now has two delegates according to AHN.

In southeastern Wyoming Romney has taken the first two delegates from Laramie and Albany counties.

In between the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary is the Wyoming convention that is all but being ignored by many.

The Green Papers, 2008 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses and Conventions explins:

14 total delegates - penalty: 50% of 28 [10 base at-large / 3 re: 1 congressional district / 3 party / 12 bonus]

*The Alternative Soft Total assumes that delegates not currently listed in the Soft Total and/or Hard Total will actually be seated and, thereby, eligible to vote during the Roll Call re: the Presidential Nomination at the National Convention.

The Chicago Tribune says the first delegate has gone to Mitt Romney.

The first delegate from Albany County in southeastern Wyoming went to Mitt Romney. Results were expected to trickle in throughout the day.

Besides the 12 delegates chosen at Saturday's county conventions, two delegates to be chosen at a statewide convention in May will also be sent to the national convention in Minneapolis, totaling 14 all together.

Michelle Malkin is covering it and has some emails posted from some of the good people in Wyoming.
Stop the ACLU tells us that Fred Thompson has the endorsement of the Right to Life of Wyoming and The NRO's "Campaign Spot" explains how the Wyoming process works, while NewsBusters reports that the voting is supposed to be finished by 3pm local time in order to ensure the results will be in the Sunday New York Times.


The first GOP presidential delegate goes to…Romney: “Mitt Romney won the first delegate elected to the Republican National Convention Saturday when Albany County chose Tammy Johnson as its representative to the convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul next September. She defeated a Fred Thompson supporter and an uncommitted candidate at the county convention in Laramie. Eleven more delegates were to be elected throughout the day in other counties.”


GOP officials in the state expect that the candidates who have put in the most effort in the state to walk away with delegates. Discussions with local county chairs suggest the following results, or something along these lines, would not be surprising: eight delegates for Romney, two delegates for Thompson, one delegate for Ron Paul, and one delegate for Duncan Hunter.

Stop the ACLU:

Today Fred Thompson announced the endorsement of Right to Life of Wyoming.

"We're proud to endorse Senator Thompson for president because he has a long track record of supporting pro-life principles," stated Steven Ertelt, President of Right to Life of Wyoming. "Senator Thompson had a 100% pro-life voting record during his tenure in Congress. Today, he supports overturning the Roe v Wade decision which allowed for unlimited abortions, he opposes euthanasia, and he opposes forcing taxpayers to fund scientific research that requires the destruction of human life."

Right to Life of Wyoming (RTLW) is the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee which has endorsed Senator Thompson for President, along with 13 other state affiliates.

The Wyoming Tribune-Eagle says the Wyoming convention/caucus is futile.

Wyoming seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle since the moved their event forward and placed it right between Iowa and New Hampshire, none the less, it is part of the process, so I will continue looking for news on it.

We will keep looking and bring you the results as they come in...