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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards Quitting Race:--Thoughts on the Florida Primary

CNN and the AP are announcing that John Edwards is dropping out of the Presidential race.

The numbers were announced here last night and today, of course, the buzz is that McCain and Clinton took Florida, Giuliani has decided to drop out and he is planning on endorsing McCain sometime today.

Because the Florida primary was earlier that the rules allowed it did affect the delegate count, which as it stands now, 57 went to McCain and 0 went to Clinton.

(The DNC stripped the delegates from the Democratic party because of Florida breaking with their rules.)

20 percent of McCain's votes in Florida came from non GOP voters, 3 percent from Democrats, 17 percent from Independents and the rest Republican voters, this is explained by Captain Ed.

The people who have dropped out recently, Fred Thompson, Dennis Kucinich, Giuliani, last night and now John Edwards, have all done so because they realized that the time had come, they understood that for whatever reasons, their campaigns were not catching fire and no matter the support you get online, or the money collected, sometimes it just does not translate into the votes needed to win the nomination for your party.

It is called realism and it is time Ron Paul, who took only 3 percent in last nights Florida primary, to face reality and do the same.... drop out with some dignity instead of being forced out. Of course he has no plans to do so, but some can face reality and some cannot I guess.

The field is set, the top tiered candidates are, for the GOP, McCain, Romney and Huckabee and for the Democrats, Clinton and Obama.

Super Tuesday, my birthday, will be a hell of a ride....