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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The First Rubber Chicken Award of 2008...

...goes to Hooman Majd at Huffington Post for his accusations of the Pentagon fabricating the speedboat incident in the Straight of Hormuz Sunday morning.

Hat tip to Michael Goldfarb at Weekly Standard.

The Pentagon's version of the encounter in the Strait of Hormuz on Sunday morning, involving U.S. Navy warships and Iranian Revolutionary Guard patrol boats is, at the very least highly suspicious. On Tuesday, the Navy released video footage and an audiotape to back its claims that the Iranian boats acted in a threatening and provocative manner, but neither the video nor the audio are particularly convincing as proof that Iran had hostile intentions. The video, which shows what is claimed are Iranian boats speeding around U.S. ships, doesn't show any of the boats hurtling directly towards any of the navy ships, nor does it show what the Pentagon claimed the Iranians then did, namely dropped "white boxes" in the water.


They should call it "Puffington Post," because I DEFINITELY THINK they inhale over there.

I wonder if he thinks the crew of the Cole bombed their own ship, too, because they were upset with the dinning facility?

Here is the video:

I don't know about the rest of you, but to me, in my mind, fast moving little speed boats chasing around after battle ships after being warned to move off? I kind of had these images of commercial airplanes crashing into tall buildings running through my mind, watching it. I don't know what the sailors thought.

We're Proud to present Wake Up America's Rubber Chicken Award to Huffington Post's Hooman Majd, hereby to be known as Hooman Shu.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man