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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sgt Freedom To Appear On The Truth Surge BTR!


If you don't know who Sgt Freedom is, that is your fault! Anyway, Sgt Freedom will be our guest on Snooper's Bloggers Round Table, Take Our Country Back Show on the American Truth Warriors BTR show, America's Truth Surge this Thursday, 1/24/08!

The show will begin at 1900 hours EST sharp...that is 7PM EST for you civilians out there.

We will discuss Sgt Freedom's many escapades and his trouncing of Code Pepto Dismal trolls.

The call-in number to speak with an American Hero live and in person is 646-652-2670.


Oh, yeah! Melanie Morgan! If you get this notice, please call in if just for a quick hello or a lengthy stay!