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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Is It All Finally Catching Up To Hillary Clinton?

Norman Hsu, fundraiser for Hillary Clinton found out to be a fugitive, non existent and illegals listed as donors to Hillary, the Paul vs Clinton (videos detailing that case at the bottom of this post) dealing with finance fraud , the 527 group, America coming together fined $775,000 for violating campaign finance laws, the president being a former Clinton top aide, Harold Ickes, her fumbling publicly on the issue of driver's licenses for illegals then changing her mind 5 times before giving a firm answer, having a known criminal, Sandy Berger as one of her advisers, her campaign admitting to planting questions and an FEC investigation being started.

Which brings up to todays news from Wapo:

The Securities and Exchange Commission has launched an investigation into InfoUSA, a Nebraska company that used corporate funds to fly Hillary Rodham Clinton around the country, and one of only two companies to put Bill Clinton on its payroll after he left the White House.

The firm, a major provider of database-processing services, disclosed little about the nature of the probe in a filing to shareholders released yesterday.


Two sources familiar with the company's troubles suggested that investigators would focus their attention on executives' use of company money to feather their own nests. Gupta has been a major financial supporter of the Clintons since he met the president in the mid-1990s. Gupta and his company donated $1 million to help underwrite a lavish year 2000 New Year's Eve celebration at the White House and on the Mall.

He paid the former president $200,000 to deliver a speech to InfoUSA executives in Papillion, Neb., and signed the former president to a $3.3 million consulting deal. For the past four years, both Clintons have used Gupta's corporate plane, flying to Switzerland, Hawaii, Jamaica and Mexico -- about $900,000 worth of travel, The Post reported in May

It was always just a matter of time before Hillary and Bill Clinton's associations with criminal and corruption were formally investigated and at least these types of investigations are being started now.

Her numbers in the latest polls are falling, people are starting to get an idea of the baggage she carries around with her and it isn't just her husbands baggage either, it is her own.

Gateway Pundit has more interesting news about Hillary and shady deals as well as some photos.

These are matters her campaign can ill afford and for the Democratic party she may just become a liability too large to ignore, at least if they had any sense of survival, but that is a discussion for another day.