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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Help Trower Russell Beat Murtha -- Now!

Back on October 30, 2007, we brought news to you about a challenger to one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington toady, John Murtha and today we join with Murtha Must Go to help see to it that John Murtha is not reelected.

By Stephen R. Maloney and cross posted here at Wake up America with full permission.

Help Trower Russell Beat Murtha -- Now!

If you blog, please join the many bloggers for Russell. Do so by e-mailing Steve at or leave a comment at Steve's other web site.

This is an absolutely crucial time for Lt. Col. Trower Russell's campaign against John Murtha. This is the period where Trower and his campaign manager, Larry Stiles (USMC), will establish the foundation for victory. These two fine men have gone "above and beyond the call of duty," and they must ask the same of you and their other supporters. The best way to know what to do and when to do it is to go to Trower Russell's site.

Over the next week, I'll be writing here and on my other blog, and I hope you'll be reading.

William Trower Russell's initial campaign tour will begin with a short prayer at the Flight 93 Memorial with stops in Boswell, Latrobe, Uniontown, Waynesburg, Washington, Arnold, Ford City, Indiana and Johnstown. Russell's website will chronicle Russell's travels across the 12th District with descriptions from the candidate himself.

If you live outside the 12th congressional district of PA, please start searching you mind to see if you know anyone who lives in or near the towns listed above (in the following counties: Cambria, Washington, and Greene). If you do, please contact them and ask them to support one of America’s true “Warriors,” Lt. Col. William Trower Russell.

"I want to Turn the Tide in the 12th District for our nation’s security and our economic future. I am looking forward to speaking with folks all over our district and sharing ideas on how we can make this happen," said Russell. "I'm very sure we will have fun along the way!"

On my other blog, I wrote about the Campaign dinner/meeting held on Thursday in Johnstown. It was an inspiring event, and the optimism was at a very high level. On Monday and Tuesday, I’ll be writing on the following subject: “John Murtha: Bringing Home the Bacon – or Bringing Home American Soldiers in Body Bags?” In fact, to gain political advantage among left-leaning Democrats, Murtha has put at risk American lives.

Obviously, this will not be a campaign that emphasizes political niceties.

If you want to see what I mean about Murtha's deplorable actions against American fighting men and fighting women, scroll down to see Sean Hannity's interview of Justin Sharratt and his dad. Justin Sharratt is a hero, and Murtha accused him -- falsely -- of war crimes.

This a campaign that pits an American hero, Trower Russell, against one of the most cynical, corrupt politicians ever to haunt the halls of Congress. Because the residents of the 12th congressional district are basically good people, they will in the end send Trower Russell to the House of Representatives. At the same time, you can send Murtha where he belongs: into oblivion.

Right now, in the early stages of the campaign, financial contributions are very important. They will help the Russell Effort to establish the basics – like telephones, get-acquainted trips throughout the district, brochures, and yard signs.

Money will not be a problem for Murtha. He sells out only to the highest bidders. But Trower Russell is not for sale. Go to opensecrets (click on link & look at 2008 numbers) and see who Murtha has already sold out to in the current campaign.

There’s a famous saying that “freedom isn’t free.” The same is true of a major campaign against a n amoral,, entrenched figure like John Murtha. Any amount of support you can give will be very welcome.

I’m launching an effort that will go on until Dec. 15 to get patriotic Americans to contribute in remembrance of 9/11/2001, when William and his wife Kasia were both in the Pentagon when the hijacked plane struck. Please go to William’s web site and contribute either $9.11 or $20.01.
If you combine the numbers, they add up to $29.12.

If you have the means to do so, please consider supporting the campaign with contributions of $25, $50, $100, or more. The limit for an individual in this phase of the election cycle is $2300. But please remember that a contribution of any size will we welcome.

This campaign isn't going to waste a single dollar. The main effort will be on identifying and recruiting volunteers – perhaps 1,000 of them. I intend to spend several days in the 12th congressional district going door-to-door. I hope you’ll consider joining me.

Thanks for your support of William "Trower" Russell, a superb American.

Stephen R. Maloney
Ambridge, PA

Here are all Wake up America's pieces on John Murtha, his corruption, hs openly slanderous words against our fine military, the court cases against him and much more, all on one page here.

If you are a blogger, consider helping Mr. Russell to replace John Murtha, and put an honest to goodness hero with honesty and integrity into Washington.