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Thursday, November 29, 2007

U.S. Public Sees Sharp Improvement in Iraq

Pew Research Poll reports U.S. public opinion on military progress in Iraq has improved “sharply” since the start of the surge in February.

Military effort is going very/fairly well:
FEB 2007: 30%
NOV 2007: 48%

Military is defeating the insurgents:
FEB 2007: 30%
NOV 2007: 43%

Public opinion has improved across party lines:

Republicans: 51% said things were going well in FEB 2007. The percentage is 74% in NOV 2007.

Democrats: expressing a positive view of the Iraq effort has doubled since February (from 16% to 33%).

Independents: went from 26% positive view of Iraq in FEB 2007 to a 41% in NOV 2007.

This doesn't reflect the significance and quantity of the progress in Iraq, but maybe Americans are catching on a little.

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