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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Military Recruiters Exceed Expectations

As we have been saying for quite some time, America Is Rising. If you read the rabid left-wing schizophrenic blogs, you will find all kinds of loony and fruit loopy dolts making all kinds of claims and calling True American Patriots everything but nice. Sad to be them. They are behind in all areas so their "progressiveness" as given way to digressiveness.

From Defenselink: All Services met or exceeded their recruiting goals for FY 2007.

As we have witnessed through the Lame Stream Media, whenever there is a lack of meeting and/or exceeding recruiting goals, we hear that this is due to an unpopular war. I wonder what they will think now? True Patriots have heard the call and are usual.

And, what exactly is an unpopular war or, for that matter, what is a popular war? And, who are the idiots that decide what is an unpopular or popular war? Who are the idiots that think anyone considers a war "popular". The very idea of a "popular" war is really retarded and whoever came up with that needs to be tied down atop a fire ant hill, soaked with honey. Think about that for a moment.

I have been in combat and if anybody ever asked me if I was doing a popular thing at the moment, I would more than likely have done something untoward. I'm not particularly proud of that assessment of myself but, damn...a "popular" war? Give me a break. Alas, I digress.

Defenselink, again:
[...] The services' monthly goals are not constant. "The goal numbers go up and down based on what they have to achieve at the end of the year," Whitman said.

Recruiting officials set goals, and military training personnel set class seats based on historic data showing when Americans traditionally enlist. For example, there are higher goals and more class seats for June, when most high school seniors graduate.

But the turnout is encouraging, Whitman said. "This is good news," he said. "In the first month of this fiscal year, in terms of recruiting in active duty and reserve-component forces, it looks pretty good right now."
That right there is an understatement.

Astute Bloggers:

Amen! And, thanks btw...we have our Blue Star Flag flying proudly.

Newsbusters has a few choice barbs for the Lame Stream here.

Stop the ACLU throw the same barbed darts here.

What we are seeing folks is a rise in good old fashioned American Patriotism, something that offends leftist loons.

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