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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

America Is Winning The Home Surge


As we approach the Big Squeeze elections in November 2008, I find it interesting how the War In Iraq is becoming less and less the Leftinistra at least. This reveals how shallow and insignificant they themselves are. It also reveals something else as well.

It reveals how they will react to other issues which don't go the way they so desire to reinforce their ways and means. Apparently, as issues slide away from their desired direction, that particular issue will be side-stepped and played down as if it really has no bearing on the Greater Good.

As I was reading and scanning hundreds of posts this morning, I ran across an interesting post by Jules Crittenden. the post is entitled Mood Surge. Is it any wonder why that troll Olberman is eerily silent?

US public opinion on military progress in Iraq has improved sharply since the troops "surge" started in February but a majority of Americans still want soldiers brought home, according to a new poll.

Some 48 per cent of Americans now believe that the US ­military effort in Iraq is going well, compared with 30 per cent in February, according to the latest poll by the Pew Research Center. [...]
As is evidenced by the absolute and total flopping of anti-Americanist Hollyweird films of late, Americans know better than to contribute to the delinquency of minors. Americans are sick and tired of hearing the lies of Hollyweird and the defunct Democratic Party Leadership.

As usual, the whiners at MSLSD were unable to place the poll in perspective and Jules did it for them. Go take a view of the words of wisdom.

They did mention that the majority of Americans, 54%, want the troops to come but what they do not say is that we want them to come home when the job is done. Odd how they "accidentally" omit that "minor detail". The poll can be found here.