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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Your Political Correctness Offends Me

Cross posted from Miss Beth's Victory Dance

'Tis the season for the fruit loops to come out of the closet, much like the fruit cake brick making it's appearance each year to be "re-gifted" to the next unsuspecting sucker in the gift giving chain.

I'm tired of hearing, year round, about all the little things people can find to be offended about and how it violates a perceived right of theirs. But Christmas brings it all to a head. We have serious problems in this country and yet every little city, county and state is scrambling to pass the most ridiculous nanny laws based on someone's offended status. At the apex of this is our completely useless congress. Then, we have a huge crop of idiots, led by Ron Paul (R-I Refuse to Disassociate Myself from Kooks, Wackos, Wierdos, Truthers and Hookers) and Dennis Kucinich (D-Where Did I Park My UFO?) all the way to Barack Hussein Obama (D-Ideologically muslim With No Substance); John Edwards (D-I Got Mine But I'll Be Damned if You Can Have Yours) and Hillary Clinton (D-Bill Borrowed My Balls Today) fighting for the top job in the land, none of whom have any more experience than a 2 year old in a sandbox.

You also have Mitt Romney (R-Is My Hair OK?), Rudy Guiliani (R-I Cross Dress for Fun) and Fred Thompson (R-I Really Need a Fire Lit Under My Ass).

I've lost count of how many "sound bite" debates have been run on either side--regardless of which side, they're totally useless and a waste of my time. I want to see substantive issues discussed substantively.

Then you have Nancy Pelosi (D-I Violated the Logan Act) and Harry Reid (D-Doing My Best Droopy Dog Impersonation While Trying To Hide My Land Scams and Screw the Troops).

In short, right now, America is screwed by every one of her so-called leaders.


Then, we have the wacko groups. People who believe gay men dressing in leather (when they're dressed at all) performing sex acts in public (in front of children and, by the way, our taxpayer dollars pay for these morons degeneracy in the form of cops) and doing their damndest to disrupt religious services (as long as they're Christian services--they're not brave enough to walk into a mosque and pull their shit)--and screaming they're the "normal" ones. An entire city that banned the military yet bitched when the Coast Guard didn't show up quickly enough for an oil spill. We have Code Pink--Snooper has them named correctly--Code Pepto Bismal. Stock up on a few cases.

And my favorite--CAIR. A front group for hamas/hezbollah, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation issues, trying to tell us how offended they are whenever anyone exposes them for who and what they are--a front group for terror.


You have the "nanny-staters" who try to run every aspect of your life from cradle to grave. Buckle your seat belt, you can't eat trans fat, we're not going to let you smoke in your own car or home, don't swat your child when they're running into the street or sticking a fork in an electrical outlet (you might damage the little bastard's self-esteem) and on and on and on...because after all, you can't possibly be trusted to run your own life.


We can't say "Christmas" because "Christ" offends someone. WELL BULL-F'IN-SHIT. What do you think the season is about? And no, I don't want to hear from the pagans and it being the season of the death of the oak king and the birth of the holly king. We are a predominantly Judeo-Christian nation and I'll be damned if someone is going to tell ME I can't say "MERRY CHRISTMAS". Or tell me what color Christmas lights I can or can't put up. Or whether or not I can display my Nativity Scene. In fact, by the time I'm finished with my decorating, you'll be able to land the Concorde on my roof. If you don't like it or are offended--tough. You being offended offends ME.


I'm offended by people who buy into the church of global warming and insist on forcing their choices down everyone else's throats.

FACT: Climate change has been going on as long as the earth has been around. Man has no hope in hell of stopping any alleged disaster. The only thing this hysteria is going to accomplish is putting us back into the dark ages, totally screwing up the economy and making Al Gore rich. I will admit there are many things people can do for practical reasons, and I do many of these things for practical reasons. But I don't for one second think there's any way to "fix" Mother Nature. I can keep my car running efficiently by something called preventative maintenance. This saves ME money by not ruining my engine, keeping my engine clean, keeping good tires on my vehicle--in short extending the life of my vehicle. And I maintain my vehicle for those reasons. Period.

I burn firewood in my fireplace. It saves me money on heating costs because of the way my house is built. Wood is one of the materials given to man to provide him building materials, fuel for warmth and cooking, and when alive, an air purifier. Deal with it. Wood is meant to be burned. Had there been prescribed, controlled burns in the wildfire areas--periodically--there wouldn't be devastating wildfires.

I turn my air conditioner/heater off when I'm not home. Again, that benefits me in lower utility bills. I plant my yard with desert friendly plants. Why? Because water is expensive. Again, to save me money. I use laundry soap that gets my clothes clean. Period. Because to use something "eco friendly" that doesn't get them clean costs me time, money and extra loads until the clothes are clean.

I use the lights I need, suited to my purposes, in my home. I would install solar panels because in the desert there's a LOT of free sunshine. However, the price to install solar panels is ridiculous and is nothing short of extortion.

I don't preach the evils of CO2 while traveling in private planes, limos and living in a house that uses more power in a year than I'll use in ten. I'm not a hypocrite about it.

I hear all kinds of crap about the glorious Protestant Reformation and how evil the Catholic Church is because of the papal indulgences at that time. Well, gee--we have a new church, a new pope and new indulgences--The Church of Global Warming, Al Gore and Carbon Offsets--respectively. You show ME the differences, because I don't see any.

You global warming hysterics offend me.


You hyphenated people offend me. Get off the damned fence and make a decision. You are either American or you are not. And if you're not, get the hell out. You're black--not African-American. You're Asian OR American. Not both. You're Mexican OR American. Not both. And if you choose "African", "Asian", "Mexican", etc., then get the hell out and go back--even if you've been here 6 generations. If that's the way you choose to identify yourself, then go. We are American here. Period.


You gays offend me. If you choose to live your life differently than the norm, then keep it to yourself. Telling me all about your sex life offends me. And, yes, you saw that correctly--"if you choose" because it has NOT been proven it's a genetic anomaly (except in some very rare cases) and until it IS proven beyond all doubt, then it's a choice. Period. To expect me and everyone else to subsidize your lifestyle--all the while preaching you just want "equality"--is bullshit. You don't want equality--you want extra accommodation and you want everyone to kowtow to you because of your choices. That offends me.

Because of your choices, you do not have the right to force me to accept your choices, you do not have the right to expect my children to be educated in your choices at my taxpayer expense in my public schools, under the guise of diversity training.

If you want equal treatment then act equally with everyone else--you don't see "straight" pride parades, you don't see "straight" leather fests at taxpayer expense, you don't see John Q. Public flaunting their ordinary lives under your nose, trying their damndest to get noticed by seeing how outrageous they can be, on a daily basis. You don't see the amusement parks closing down their parks for everyone but straights at any time. You want equal, then act equal. Period.

You offend me by trying to force your idea of marriage down my throat. You don't have that right. There is no Constitutional provision for you to demand your own special marriage laws. And don't tell me you don't have the same rights as every other couple. You can be at your loved one's bedside at death, you can be just as involved as anyone else--if you were smart enough to plan like adults instead of stomping your little fairy feet. Plain and simple.


The whole separation of Church and state issue offends me.

First of all, the Constitution merely states the government shall sanction no particular religion. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. But you whackos have done your damndest to impose your atheistic, secular view on the majority because you're offended. Well, you offend me. You offend me thinking you know everything there is to know when you can't even provide the fossil record of evolution, much less explain how the universe and all in it were formed.

God exists. You are NOT the apex of creation, no matter how much you delude yourself. You do not have the right to take my Bible away from me or stop me from praying because it offends you. It only offends you because you know you're wrong and you don't like being reminded of it.

Accommodating a pathological societal ideal masquerading as a religion (islam) while telling me I can't practice my faith offends me. You're hypocrites to say no one can publicly practice their Judeo-Christian faith while accommodating islam and then screaming separation of church and state offend me precisely because of your hypocrisy. Expecting me to pay for this obscenity masquerading as a religion with my tax dollars (footbaths, time out for the kids to pray, special cafeterias and diets, changing the names of holidays, honoring ramadan, etc.) offends me.


Words are not offensive in and of themselves. It offends me there are idiots who consider "noose" to be a racial slur. It is not. It is a method of tying rope. It is a method of tying rope used in executions from time immemorial. Screeching about it being a hate crime offends me. The same goes for "ho". A "hoe" is a garden implement. And if you're nappy headed and get offended at being called nappy headed, you have serious psychological and self esteem issues. But those are your issues and not mine. It offends me you think they should be my issues.

Affirmative action offends me because on the one hand, so called minorities want to be taken on their own merits, yet when they can't succeed on their own merits, as consequences of their own behavior and choices, then they want affirmative action. Bullshit. Either make it on your own or not. It's on you and your own accountability for your actions. It's not on me you can't face yourself in the mirror or accept your imperfections and/or lack of abilities and want me to subsidize them. You offend me.


The term "hate crime" offends me. Is there something called a "love crime"? I don't think so. all crime is a hate crime, so why the separate label? Oh that's right--we have to accommodate people's sensitivities. Bullshit.

Crime, all crime, is hate crime. To pretend otherwise is offensive to me. To waste my money on discussions of useless legislation is offensive to me.


Double standards and hypocrisy offend me.


Wasting my tax dollars offends me.


Illegal immigrants offend me.


People leeching off the system offend me. I understand there are times when people genuinely need help. That help is not meant to become generational. That offends me.


Abortion and euthanasia offend me. Using aborted babies for experiments and research, using my tax dollars, offends me.


Talking points without substance offend me.


People insulting our military, the very people who protect their freedoms, the very ones who protect their rights to be as insulting, seditious, treasonous and subversive as possible--with impunity--are insulted. They offend me. Stupidity in general offends me.


Men and women walking around half naked offend me. The pornification of the children offends me. I was at a dress rehearsal for my son's play. It's a pirate play, so there are some corsets as costumes. However, the corsets have to be worn over full shirts. These freshmen in high school were talking about wearing these things out in public, without the full shirts. And their parents, and society in general, are okay with that. That offends me--that parents don't give enough of a damn to see their children dressed decently in public, but instead dressing as hookers.

Children pierced, tattooed, hair any color, dressed to go street walking and it's not Halloween--completely sexified at 10, 11, etc. And society thinks this is okay. That offends me.


Public school agendas offend me. My generation had no extra weight on them. We learned basic subjects. We didn't spend our time in school preparing for only one test. We had something called Physical Education where you actually had to do something besides sit on your ass and be a smart ass. We said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. We had morning prayers--and so did the public schools. But one or two were offended so we all suffer. You offend me.

Subversive teachers offend me. Teachers who try to "get" something on parents they don't like or suggest materials to kids they know the parents would not approve of. That's not teaching--that's indoctrination. That offends me.


Children who are ridiculed because they have parents who care enough to discipline, set limits, enforce rules and teach their children morals--and take them to church. The ridiculers offend me.


People more concerned with animals than people offend me. I have plenty of pets, but my family comes first. Period.


Entitlement mentalities offend me. I'm fed up with college students wanting my tax dollars to subsidize their sex lives with birth control, not to mention all those who want abortions at tax payer expense, because they "can't afford protection" but can afford their cell phone bills.

That offends me.


What the world considers stars offends me. Brittany, Paris, Lindsey, ad nauseum. They're talentless brats who trade on their sexuality and that's it. Such an example for the children.
What happened to real stars with real talent? What about stars who supported their country at all costs? And those that didn't, communists, were blacklisted? Now we have pseudo-intellectuals such as Sean Penn, who cozy up to murderous dictators and tyrants, thinking their uneducated opinions mean something to those of us with real educations.

They offend me.


In short, for everything you can find to be offended about, I can find an equal number of things to be offended about. You don't have the right to tell me how to live in my home, my car, my space. You don't have the right to tell me how to eat, how to exercise, what to read, what to say. You don't have the right to try to parent my children, particularly if your values are different from mine. You don't have the right to force me to accept your viewpoint because your skin is so thin. You don't have the right to insist on living in a world in which you're not offended by someone or something. You don't have the right to teach my children things which are morally objectionable. You don't have the right to demand one thing for you and something different for me. You don't have the right to tell me how to worship. You don't have the right to tell me what words I can say. You don't have the right to take my money and waste it. You don't have the right to give my money to those too lazy to do anything for themselves. You don't have the right to ANYTHING except life, liberty and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Look at those last three words. PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. It doesn't say you're guaranteed happiness. But nothing's stopping you from PURSUING happiness. However, I also have the right to pursuit of happiness and you being offended doesn't mean I have to give up my right to that pursuit of my happiness.

Got it? Well, get this--political correctness has no place on my blog. I call them as I see them and if it offends you? Tough. Grow up. And if it really offends you? Then leave. It's that simple.

Let the whining begin.