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Thursday, November 15, 2007

BREAKING: 40 Bio/Chemical Warfare Masks Found at Iraq Torture House: UPDATE- Iranian Arms and Ammo found also

[Rolling updates below]

(Titled fixed, sorry I was typing fast as I was listening to the news.)

I just heard it on the news and I will link when it hits the web but they are reporting that 40 biological and chemical warfare masks have been found in a torture house where insurgents was executing people.

The possibilities at this point are two-fold.

1st: They were expecting to be attacked by biological or chemical weapons and had the masks to protect themselves.

#2: They were planning to use biological or chemical weapons and had the masks so it would not affect them.

They also found substantial weapon caches at that location.

[Update] They are now saying the house was also being used as a bomb making factory at one time.

[Update #2] The house was in Diyala Province, Iraq. [Once an al-Qaeda stronghold]

[Update #3] They are now announcing that Iranian arms and ammo has also been found in the torture house.

Flashback: Remember that back in March they were reporting that Chlorine attacks had been repulsed, in March that was the eighth attack of that kind.

Still waiting for links to hit the web to show you.

As more news come out I will provide the links and more information.


Snooper at A Newt One is also all over the news on this too with some interesting links.

[Update #4] Finally a link online to the story:

BAGHDAD — Coalition troops in Iraq found a torture house with five skeletons and 40 nuclear, biological and chemical weapons masks, a U.S. general told FOX News on Thursday.

Brig. Gen. James Boozer said forces found execution equipment and chains in the house in the Diyala River Valley, an Al Qaeda stronghold north of Baghdad, as he touted progress in bolstering Iraqi security forces and said Iran seems to be holding to a commitment to thwart the flow of weapons into Iraq.

Click here to view video.

"I think we're at here an historical point in the history of Iraq," said Boozer, commander of Multi-National Division-North in Iraq.

Boozer said it appears Iran is keeping its promise to Iraqi leaders to helping stop the flow of roadside bombs into Iraq, which has contributed to a decrease in attacks.

"We've seen no increase in or any indication that the Iranians have stepped up the influx of arms or weapons into Iraq. It looks like they are holding up to their agreement," he said.

This is the second time we have seen reports about a decline in Iranian weapons coming into Iraq... thats a good thing.