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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Honoring Heroes at the Holidays Tour--Move America Forward

On Tuesday, November 13th, Move America Forward (website: ) hosted the first event in what will be a 40-city cross country pro-troop tour to rally the American public to support our troops and their missions.

Note from Spree-Consider donating to help these honorable efforts.

Along the way we're asking the public (including you) to help us collect and send over 100,000 Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday cards to our troops. The media coverage we got from our first event was outstanding - some of the best reporting you'll see about our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please spread the word on these reports below. And help us collect those 100,000 cards for our troops during the Christmas and Hannukah holiday season.

From Move America Forward's Daily File:

What happens when the sun is casting warm rays in a family park and hundreds of patriots show up to thank American troops? The whole world will soon see when commercials are aired nationally to thank our Armed Forces.

Film crews worked several hours on Tuesday as flag-waving patriots, veterans, and even active duty servicemen and women showed up for a day of honoring our troops at Sacramento’s Land Park. More than 100 folks made greeting cards, sang, and packed boxes of goods for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We will never forget, never, the sacrifices of our men and women,” Gold Star mother Debbie Lee told the crowd. Blue Star Mother Deborah Johns talked about what it’s like to have a child serving overseas during he holidays. ‘It is very difficult to have an empty chair at the table,” Johns said, as her voice broke with emotion.

During the early party of the gathering, the Young Marines acted as Color Guard and held Old Glory throughout the rally. Nothing can make me smile like children who understand what it means to love the United States of America.

Diana Nagy, who has the voice of an angel, overwhelmed the crowd with her singing and encouraged everybody to sing with her. A wave of warmth, of intense spirit, drew all together. We were there to support our troops, not just with words, but with gifts of love, faith and trust.

Of course, we are all sending cards, cookies, coffee, jerky, and other goodies that our men and women enjoy. But our troops ask for nothing. At the very least, we can give our prayers and support.

I am amazed everyday as I work with the folks at Move America Forward, the volunteers who come in the middle of the week and prepare soldiers’ packages. They were all busting their hind-ends on Tuesday, making sure every child had crayons for drawing cards, and the elderly had water and a place to sit.

These are the same people who stand up to those who demean our troops, who attack our recruiters such as the officers in Berkeley. I was not around during World War II, but I can imagine that the strength and determination that Americans felt after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor is the same thing we feel when we get together and work as a team for our troops and, ultimately, for our country.

My best friend, Melanie Morgan, who is also chairman of Move America Forward, is an inspiration. She selflessly puts the needs of our troops ahead of herself. She doesn’t flinch as hate-mongers attack her and take her words out of context. It is nothing, she believes, when it comes to her beloved American troops.

Move America Forward is nothing without its members and those who give of themselves to strengthen America against her enemies. After the rally on Tuesday, we all ate sandwiches and took a break – except for the children who can eat and make cards at the same time.

I listened to conversations between people who had never met. They shared stories of the times they served in Vietnam, Korea, or how they spent Thanksgiving and Christmas away from home.

In a way, it was a coming home for some. For others, it was our way to say thank you.

More from the Sacramento "Honor Heroes" Tour Stop:

Move America Forward photographer Mary Pearson has some great photographs from the Sacramento “Honoring Our Heroes at the Holidays” pro-troop event:

So wonderful to see all these people, these flags, this type of patriotism.


If you want to join them in Honoring our fine heroes, here is the Tour Itinerary - Updated 11/12/2007 - 11:00 PM Eastern - Eastern

You can also Mail cards to Move America Forward so that they can send them to our troops in Iraq, to their Headquarters.

Move America Forward
ATTN: Holiday Card Program
770 L Street - #1400
Sacramento, CA 95814

Once again, from Spree here, please considering Donating to help Move America Forward with this effort... they selflessly give their time, spend their money for no other reason than to show our troops support!!!


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Thanks to everyone for helping to spread the word.

Great people.